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What makes BIM a Must-Have in Europe?

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, April 28, 2020

With digitalisation making great strides in the European construction sector, BIM is turning out to be indispensable. 

FREMONT, CA: Building design, construction, and maintenance are greatly benefited by the collaborative and comprehensive approaches that BIM fosters. In many European countries, BIM has come to be the norm. Today, BIM has already been made compulsory in public sector projects. This has resulted in BIM becoming a part of facility management. Effective facility management requires streamlined efforts that drive efficiency into modern buildings. The deep and intuitive experience that BIM offers is thus, appropriate for new-age facility management requirements. This list gives a glimpse of the reasons behind Europe deploying BIM for facility management. 

• Better Management of Functional Assets

Today, smart buildings and facilities house a number of functional assets that deliver data to the BIM systems. These packets of data are represented graphically using BIM solutions. For facility managers, this data provides unmatched visibility over functional assets, which is essential for optimised maintenance of these assets. Assets can be accessed, sorted, and controlled through unified platforms. Thus, BIM empowers facility managers to manage sophisticated assets transparently and improve their lifespan.

Top 10 BIM Consulting/Service Companies in APAC - 2020• Detailed Information with 3D Models

All the structural and operational information that BIM holds and offers can be accessed through 3D models. Visual depiction allows facility managers to develop better insights and expedite tasks like locating particular assets, finding errors, and carrying out tasks. Preventive and proactive maintenance also becomes feasible with tools like cameras, video analytics, and sound analytics systems under BIM.

• Adaptability in Older Buildings

BIM-backed facility management can today be deployed even for older buildings that were not designed or constructed using the same technology. Facility managers can apply laser scanning and point cloud data to deliver accurate 3D models and use them for BIM-enabled renovation and maintenance techniques.

By extending new opportunities that were unattainable a few years ago, BIM is gaining popularity in the building construction and maintenance domain across the rapidly digitalising Europe.

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