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July 18, 2019

Feature of the Week
Robots and robot-centric progress have paced up in the last two decades. Robots could not complete simple tasks in the past.
Internet of things (IoT) is the next level of technological advancement that has started to step inside the field of the construction industry.
Structural works were stopped on a masonry building citing its stability. Some of the non-structural window frames were removed. Some of these were supporting to a gable wall.
Featured Vendors
Provides a new platform using the most modern technology, with the clear advantage in pure SaaS solution and focus on usability, flexibility and performance.
Touchplan is the award-winning construction collaboration tool teams actually like, proven to grow businesses. With over 20 years of experience, an affiliate of MOCA Systems serves field teams, planners and stakeholders through an accessible-anywhere, web-based system, and is trusted by 21 percent of ENR’s Top 100 general contractors to finish ahead.
TriBuild Layout Design offers contractors the ability to create layout points directly in AutoCAD® and Revit®. With the ability to create points directly in the design application, linework and objects are displayed as intended and don't risk compatibility issues that standalone desktop applications can have.
CIO Viewpoint
Paul Cottey, CIO, Water Street Healthcare Partners
The early stages of a project often are characterized by getting up the learning curve and becoming efficient.
Douglas Duncan, CIO, Columbia Insurance Group
Energy is what powers a team to strive together towards a goal and to push through the inevitable obstacles that come up.
CXO Insight
By Jordan Birnbaum, VP and Chief Behavioral Economist, ADP
Compared to extrinsic motivation, intrinsic motivation is far more potent. Applied to the workplace, it makes an employee treat a job like a hobby, experiencing inherent joy and thereby investing more time ensuring success.
By Jeff Hallman, Director, Project Management Support Office, Georgia Tech Research Institute
You and your peer are discussing how the newly formed Program Management Office (PMO) at your company is supporting your development programs. You state that you expect the PMO to be valuable to your projects in the planning phase.
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