Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, September 19,2019

Feature of the Week

Technology has the potential of offering a fast track procedure to bring transformation in the funding, selection, and delivery of projects. It also helps improve speed and efficiency.  Read more
Advanced technologies help the construction sector to modify their current practices and adopt new strategies that help them in the future.  Read more
HVAC and construction help the enterprises implement their projects in an effective way by joining hand in hand with the technology and aiming at the future.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Terry Robbins, Chief Information Officer, Structure Tone  
Now we’re into the fourth—the era of big data, robotics, artificial intelligence and the other incredible technologies that have changed our world over the last decade.  Read more
By Eric Boyette, Secretary & State CIO, Information Technology  
DIT will compete for business of the customer and or be a hybrid environment with a cloud provider.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Mark Fletcher, CEO,   
Provides construction project and program management services to optimally plan and deliver projects in expected quality and standards without compromising on cost and time  Read more
By Ashley Shreve, CEO,   
Delivers revolutionary housing designs targeted to relieve stress on the national grid, reduce carbon emissions, and bring about sustainability in construction  Read more
By Antonio Visconti, Founder & CEO,   
The company offers a testing and monitoring service that checks workers’ eyes to evaluate the risk of impairment on-the-job. Developed with research from neuroscience, ophthalmology, iris recognition, and image processing, the SOBEREYE...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Carletta Ooton, Vice President, Health and Safety, Sustainability, Security & Compliance, Amazon  
We know that, and I am sure you can visit a workplace and just sense the culture and whether it is working. But what we are still struggling to do is measure it.  Read more
By Nick Deeks, Managing Director, WT Partnership  
The future of construction is grim and significant progress will not be achieved if we do not revaluate our change-averse mindsets and modernise our present industry.  Read more
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