Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, January 26,2023

Feature of the Week

Hydrogen solutions can help stem the environmental damage caused by diesel engines while assisting in developing even more advanced construction solutions.  Read more
The air handling unit handles ventilation by collecting outdoor air and room air and filtering the air, adjusting temperature and humidity, and distributing a comfortable and refreshing supply of air conditioners through ductwork inside the building'  Read more
Industrialists and homeowners can improve air quality by selecting the right type of air handling unit.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Brian Criss, Executive VP   
DRMcNatty works with the latest technology to provide elegant and high performing solutions that increase efficiency and transparency of project information. With over 32 years of world class technology solutions, DRMcNatty provides program...  Read more
By Sergey Olvovsky, Head of Product & Operations   
Vi-soft is an international company specializing in the development and maintenance of software for use in the construction industry. Its revolutionary solution is quickly gaining traction and is used by dozens of construction and engineering...  Read more

Industry Contributors

By Andrew Harris, Director, Technical Futures and Engineering Excellence Group, Laing ORourke  
Advances in intelligent cloud-computing, data reporting and device miniaturisation are assisting with this  Read more
By Bob Williams, Senior Director Information Technology at ElectriCom  
When I make a list of key providers of technology solutions in my environment  Read more
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