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What is the Role of Aluminum in the Construction Sector

By Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Aluminum has become one of the preferred choices for the builders due to its sustainable nature and property of being reused. The contractors are using different aluminum applications to implement in the construction industry.

FREMONT, CA: After agriculture, if any sector can be considered as the largest, then it is the construction industry. The construction industry is the second largest industry in the world as it is responsible for contributing extensively not only for economic growth but also for generating employment in various countries. In the last few years, along with the extensive growth of population and urbanization, the construction sector has gone through rapid changes, and it is still evolving.

The pressures of evolution have helped the construction sector to imply new technologies. There are various factors, such as limited availability of natural resources, urbanization, and the need for faster execution, and changes in infrastructure, that have influenced the construction sector to develop continuously. Several trends and technologies have immensely contributed to the evolution of the massive industry. Here are the key technologies that have shaped the construction sector.

Application of Aluminum in Emerging Technologies

In the entire journey of transformation, aluminum has been a core component of the construction industry. Globally the architects and builders have made aluminum their first choice for the skyscrapers or green buildings. The skyscrapers are sustainable, and also they can be reused and recycled, which have made them one of the preferred materials for the builders who want to try new technologies in the construction and building sector. However, different forms of aluminum have their own vast and diversified applications in the construction sector.

• Aluminum Formwork System

Aluminum formwork system or MIVAN technology is one of the emerging technologies and also a critical use with aluminum. The system is modernized and helps to form a cast with panels to create a concrete structure of the building. An aluminum formwork system helps in improving the quality along with the efficiency of the building. It also reduces the turnaround time for a project, which also makes it cost-effective.

• Green Construction Technology

The critical element for constructing green and sustainable buildings is aluminum. Aluminum is replacing other metals while creating green structure due to its unique features like recyclability, malleability, durability, and flexibility. The green buildings also help in reducing the emissions of green gas and make the buildings self-sustainable as it has thermal break aluminum windows, and non-reflective curtain walls that increase the energy efficiency of the building.

Many opportunities have opened up for the builders due to aluminum as it can meet the requirements of the construction industry in the future.

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