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The Top Green Technologies Revolutionizing Construction

By Construction Tech Review | Friday, May 31, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The top sustainable construction technologies utilized for green construction are:

•  Solar power is the use of functional systems that absorb the sun’s radiation and convert it to energy and warm homes with the strategic placement of windows. It decreases the usage of electricity or gas.

•  Green insulation is the use of old and used materials such as denim and newspaper instead of high-end nature populating synthetic insulations. It utilizes recycled and eco-friendly materials to line the walls as efficiently as artificial liners.

•  The use of smart appliances emphasizes on energy saving and self-sufficiency. The technology is zero-energy homes-oriented and can also be applied in commercial buildings.

•  Cool roofs reflect heat and sunlight in a controlled method. It maintains homes and buildings at the standard or custom set room temperatures by decreasing heat absorption and thermal reflectivity.

•  Low-energy house and zero-energy building designs are those designs that cut down the air leakage and allow free flow of air simultaneously using high-performance windows and insulation techniques. The construction of buildings with sustainable materials can lower embodied energy in comparison to those built with conventional materials.

•  Electrochromic Smart Glass is a new technology mainly used in summer to shut out the harsh heat of solar radiation. Equipping homes and commercial buildings with smart glass can save costs on heating, air conditioning, and ventilating costs.

•  Sustainable indoor environment technologies use materials that ensure green safety standards, including hazardous free elements, low volatile emissions, non-toxic materials, and moisture resistance.

•  Self-powered buildings are sub-branches of zero-energy buildings, which are built in a style that generates sufficient power to support the building’s energy needs and even direct surplus energy back into the public power grid.

•  Rammed earth bricks, is a biodegradable material used in construction since ancient times. It is made of moist earth mixture, coarse aggregates, and stabilizing agents to create strong, dense walls that are an epitome of sustainability.

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