The Art of Managing People

Rocky Plemons, VP of Construction and Fabrication, Fluor Enterprise Inc.

The Art of Managing People

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Digital Thinking in Investment Management and Beyond

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Steve Cline, Department of Energy Projects Director, Burns & McDonnell

Facility Management for the New Normal

Tech Tools Improving the Construction Project Management

Construction Tech Review | Thursday, December 09, 2021

Construction project management tools assist project managers throughout the entire process, from pre-construction through project completion.

Fremont, CA: Customers are getting more demanding these days, and they expect the construction businesses they hire to provide more value to the project, decrease timeframes, and come up with more cost-effective solutions, all while improving job quality. All of these are currently made possible by technological advancements. In recent decades, technology has revolutionized the building business. Today, it is transforming buildings in ways we have never seen before. It has substantially improved project management by speeding up operations in the office and on the job site. While some businesses are still cautious about embracing technology in their operations, others are already reaping the benefits of using technology to streamline processes.

Here are the tech tools that are improving construction project management:

Document digitization

When the project manager has to find a file, he must go through all of the folders, which takes a long time. They are sometimes misplaced or trashed by accident. However, project managers have learned to scan files, store them as images or PDFs, and organize them in computer folders using document imaging. Others use electronic receipts and invoices to automatically save them to folders. It will be easier for the project manager to locate files and attach them to reports, communication channels, or emails as a result of this.

Cloud technology

To get real-time data, many construction companies are migrating to the cloud. Data is critical to a construction company's performance, but its accessibility, relevance, and timeliness are only as good as its accessibility, relevance, and timeliness. Because on-premise software and paper documentation cannot guarantee timeliness and accuracy, businesses should use the cloud to communicate relevant data as it is created or amended. Everyone on the project team will be on the same page as a result of this.

Mobile apps

In today's time, there is an explosion of smart devices and mobile phones, and apps are being developed to make life more practical. Construction is the same way. Mobile apps are now being used by the construction sector to improve communication on the job site and project management. Project managers can now check project status and crew activity directly from their phones, allowing them to solve concerns no matter where they are.

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