Hexagon IT Solutions: A Client-Centric Approach to Construction

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Daks. J, Director, Hexagon IT SolutionsDaks. J, Director
After a year-and-half long disruption, the construction industry is recovering, despite project complexities and supply chain constraints. The post-pandemic shift in the landscape requires construction companies to be agile and optimize their resources and operations to stay relevant. Meeting these prerequisites demands seamless collaboration between all stakeholders and teams while providing greater visibility of information in real-time.

Enter Hexagon IT Solutions.

Founded in 2007, Hexagon IT Solutions is an expert in building customized software solutions, websites, operating systems, and mobile applications for a broad range of industries. Adhering to their mission of improving clients’ operational success, the company develops robust, user-friendly ERP and CRM platforms that serve unique needs and drive ROI for clients.

Hexagon IT Solutions’ specialized CRM platform for the construction industry is an all-inclusive solution that streamlines the critical operations of both residential and commercial customers—from client acquisition to project completion. It begins with capturing leads from various channels— be it a campaign that runs on a website, Facebook, Instagram, or Google—and integrating them into the lead module. Brokers and home agents can also add leads directly to the system. Built with powerful analytical capabilities, the platform provides clients with insights into each campaign’s performance, allowing them to redirect their resources to focus on the best-performing one.

This helps clients accelerate and optimize their lead generation processes. The high-performing leads are then assigned to the marketing department to interact with potential prospects for lead-to-customer conversion. Conversions follow the agreement process, where documents are sent to clients electronically for eSignature through DocuSign Agreement Cloud.

Once the agreement is signed, architects can easily upload the building design to their enterprise software, which can be accessed by other teams from any remote location.

“We integrate several APIs into a single dashboard as KPIs, allowing clients to gain a holistic view of their operations on a single pane of glass,” says Daks. J, Director of Hexagon IT Solutions. Through their CRM platform the company provides clients with a bird’s-eye view of each department’s operations and pipeline and streamlines their supply chain to help them meet their goals. All departments—from administration to supervisory— have seamless access to their customized dashboards for a comprehensive view of their KPIs. This enables them to understand the real-time status of each project and optimize their operations efficiently. The platform also has dashboards customized for vendors and subcontractors, allowing them to contribute to the growth and goals of their construction partner. Once the project is completed, the supervisor updates the platform with the date of completion, along with images, and buyers will receive a notification via their preferred mode of communication.
  • We integrate several APIs into a single dashboard as KPIs, allowing clients to gain a holistic view of their operations on a single pane of glass

In addition to the competitive solutions they offer, Hexagon IT Solutions is recognized for client retention surveys. The company conducts various surveys to gather client feedback and tailor their services. They also send surveys to buyers at different stages of their interaction with a builder as part of their reputation management surveys. This helps property management companies modify their services accordingly.

While custom software development can be an expensive proposition, Hexagon IT Solutions takes care to build solutions at an affordable price, creating a paradigm shift in the industry. Moving ahead, the company intends to bring the power of IoT and beacon technology into the construction industry.
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Hexagon IT Solutions

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Daks. J, Director

Hexagon IT Solutions is a custom software building company that specializes in creating customized software solutions, websites, operating systems and mobile applications

Hexagon IT Solutions
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