A Vision for the Future Role of Cost Engineers and Quantity Surveyors

Eugene Seah, Senior Director, Key Account Management, Surbana Jurong

A Vision for the Future Role of Cost Engineers and Quantity Surveyors

Dragon Awaken

Wayne Tinlin, GIS Analyst, ATCO Gas

Dragon Awaken

 Technology trends in Commercial Real Estate

Kevin Burman, National Director - Technology Solutions, Colliers International

Technology trends in Commercial Real Estate

Digital Disruption in Construction: Cutting Through the Hype

Ben Senior, Project Director, Arcadis [AMS: ARCAD]

Digital Disruption in Construction: Cutting Through the Hype

Significance of BIM in Today's Times

Construction Tech Review | Friday, June 04, 2021

The construction companies must apply BIM as it can help them to communicate and collaborate efficiently.

FREMONT, CA: Building information modeling (also known as BIM) has helped numerous construction businesses plan and create beautiful projects. It can be useful for a company during its next project.

Many companies can be on edge about implementing BIM into their everyday work. Here are some of the reasons why more businesses should be using BIM technology.

1. Collaborate and Communicate Efficiently

Collaboration and collaboration through multiple departments would be more straightforward than ever when the companies can build knowledge modeling to its full advantage. The old standby tool for visualizing construction projects is drawing on paper, but that comes with its constraints. It can be challenging to share various iterations of paper drawn models, and it can also make it difficult for individuals to share adjustments and suggestions.

The construction companies can easily exchange different work versions and make it easy for individuals to leave reviews when they use BIM. They can even easily save various versions of a model and, if necessary, add feedback and changes. DIM construction will make it easier to organize work for project teams. It will be easier for them to visualize the changes.

2. Improve the Preconstruction Phase

Some companies might feel that they have been in the pre-construction phase for too long. They know it will take a while to schedule certain things, but their team always seems to hit the same obstacles. Owing to previously unknown space constraints, the original configuration of the building does not function. Or maybe the customer for whom they are constructing might not like what they had initially planned and want them to make sudden changes.

In order to help a project, BIM will generate near-perfect space-use simulations and 3D visualizations. At the beginning of the project, the construction companies will have a better understanding of what they have to deal with. They can even stop making costly and time-consuming improvements in the later stage of the project. For the customers, this can also be a beneficial tool. They would be able to have a greater awareness of how their vision for the building will come to life.

3. Increase Safety

In the construction environment, safety is an essential consideration for all. Work in the building is considered to be a notoriously, dangerous career to have. One of the reasons why BIM's popularity has increased is that it can help minimize the number of incidents and injuries you have on the job.

With BIM, construction companies can quickly detect hazards because they can become issues. By visualizing the website in advance and pointing out the problems before they happen, they will eliminate physical risks.

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