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New Age Technologies Revamping Construction Safety

By Construction Tech Review | Monday, January 11, 2021

Advanced technologies are transforming all stages of the construction process, thereby improving overall safety.

FREMONT, CA: The construction industry is an important indicator of the economy as it is one of the largest employment generators. With strong linkages to other industries, the sector serves as one of the strongest propellers of a country's built environment. As the construction business's operation dynamics are evolving and innovating at a pace much faster than envisioned, it is almost imperative that technology innovations be applied in the value chain. Technologies in the construction space have coincided with the growing demand for faster construction and quality. Some of the trends that the world foresee playing key roles are as follows.

Use of Exoskeletons

Construction workers are likely to obtain bodily strains and musco-skeletal disorders. These injuries often occur due to lifting heavy objects or using heavy work tools for a long period. Exoskeletons limit the stress-and-strain on workers by providing support to heavy objects and improving body posture. These devices can distribute weight to the stronger muscles, so users don't strain other weaker parts of the body. Powered exoskeletons use a network of sensors and motors to help workers when lifting heavy objects.

Site Sensors

Exposure to harmful materials is a real risk that affects workplace safety. Fortunately, construction technology is being used to limit exposure to harmful materials, such as site sensors. These sensors work by taking measurements from the environment and interpreting them to detect harmful components. These sensors can also be used to take temperature measurements, moisture levels, and other parameters that determine the environment's safety. In this way, safety measures can be established to avoid the exposure of workers to harmful materials.

Safety-Related Software

Faulty or poorly-operated machinery is a common cause of accidents on construction sites. To limit the risk of human error in machine operation and maintenance, technology now features software applications that can be leveraged to monitor individual machines' safety. These safety-related software features enable operators to control the sway of heavy loads, adapt the machines' lifting speed to match the load, and maintain important equipment. All data is collected and analyzed within centralized software, so users can control machine maintenance and operation on the worksite.

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