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Revamping Construction Industry with IoT

By Construction Tech Review | Thursday, May 23, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Internet of things (IoT) is the next level of technological advancement that has started to step inside the field of the construction industry. The utilization of IoT in the building and manufacturing industry is revamping the entire construction sector from railways to offices and homes. IoT technology is providing assets to employees for better resource allocation, asset management, and energy usage. The interlinking of physical devices and access to monitoring real-time data has completely transformed the traditional method of constructing a building structure. The collection of data in a centralized platform assists infrastructural managers to undertake or change specific actions that possess the capability to affect the entire process. Web of real-time data provides the bridge that links workers, assets, and equipment and unlocks the uninterrupted movement of information all around the boards. 

IoT power management solutions provide the ability to distinguish a questionable domain of an outrage. Proper management performed by officials with the support of IoT devices helps administrators to pre-determine the cause of malfunctions or failure projected in software, machinery, and firmware. The application of IoT will eliminate the basic faults without the utilization of remote-hands.  Accurate service level reporting can determine the level of customer satisfaction. The IoT portal can calculate service-level agreement (SLA) for both utility-side power and equipment -side power accurately up to three decimal places.

The people populating the buildings continue to digitally connect through the internet while the actual structure of houses remains largely unchanged.  The babylonian buildings consisting of primitive lock and key system needs to be upgraded. The conversion of age-old buildings with IoT-driven smart homes will provide the perfect case study for a completely automated society. IoT technology becomes the digital enabler to change the way constructions were performed, and buildings were made.

With embedded synthetic IoT sensors, the design of a smarter and safer environment is made possible, which reduces the safety concerns in construction manufacturing stages. Even with a little enhancement in IoT can affect the whole building system on a macroscopic level. The future awaits to see what the true potential of IoT will bring into the construction sector.



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