Creating a Tangible Impact through Collaboration

Matt Schlabig, CIO, Worthington Industries

Creating a Tangible Impact through Collaboration

Identify and Realize Value Through Applied Technology

Joseph Santamaria, VP–IT & CIO, PSEG Services Corporation

Identify and Realize Value Through Applied Technology

In What Ways is Digital Engineering Revolutionizing the Construction Industry?

Construction Tech Review | Monday, November 18, 2019

In the last decade, digital technologies have been impacting lives on the personal and professional front and have transformed entire industries. The businesses have had to reinvent themselves in order to stay at par with the evolution by enhancing sustainability, productivity, and adaptability to remain relevant to the target audience. Moreover, the firms belonging to the engineering and construction industry (E&C) have mostly bucked this trend and maintained a majority of the trades traditional methods.

Fremont, CA: The construction industry’s underinvestment in digitization has made a profound impact on productivity. For issues like human resources challenges and the need for re-work due to the unavailability to tract the project accurately, firms are held, hostage. The increase in the complexity of building designs add with a severe shortage of skilled workers accelerated the digital push, specifically for businesses that is determined to stay relevant and profitable.

Enabling an Informed Construction Lifecycle

The concept of Traceable Construction by FARO is an approach that provides the availability of accurate data in all the stages of construction. The traceability concept works in the E and C industry in a similar way like it is described how one can follow through a building’s complete lifecycle in different phases like design, build, and operate.

On-site Capture

Accurate and reliable 3D data is the basis of an informed construction lifecycle. Currently, there are ultra-portable laser scanners and intuitive data processing software that function seamlessly together to allow quick and easy registration and acquisition of point cloud data. The project owners and managers are given the liberty to choose between terrestrial capture, mobile capture, and airborne capture of numerous applications.

As-Built Model and Design

By securing as-built conditions, stakeholders can establish a traceable conversion of scan data into BIM designs for planning and designing building projects based on the context of reality for future endeavors. High-fidelity, high-speed laser scanners, coupled with best matching processing software, allows quick and efficient creation of 2D, 3D, and IBM models, which can be integrated fully into a major Autodesk Building design systems.

Data Connect and Share

Project participants can share scanned data quickly and securely on standard file types and vastly used platforms with the help of Cloud-based hosting solutions. This single source of truth provides transparency and traceability on project progression at any stage.

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