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Why the Launch of Cesium is a Timely launch?

By Construction Tech Review | Thursday, March 19, 2020

The first spinout firm from Analytical Graphics Inc (AGI) has been announced by the parent company, AGI and Cesium. The new independent firm has been named Cesium.

Fremont, CA: Analytical Graphics Inc (AGI) and Cesium, together, have announced the launch of Cesium, the first spinout of the former. Cesium has had a good start with a Series A funding of $5 million from the Falcon Global Capital, an asset management firm catering to the digital currency and bitcoin industries.

Through the launch, both AGI and Cesium aim to enhance the functionality of the Cesium platform for enabling data providers and software experts to develop interactive and dynamic 3D geospatial applications.

The geospatial sector is witnessing a lot of changes. Similar to several other industries, technology is the key factor that is driving these changes. A new range of 3D spatial analysis tools or apps have made an entry into the geospatial data sector. However, amidst the ongoing technological advancements, there is a critical factor which deserves special focus, the data, or the spatial data.

3D geospatial data is nowadays quickly available, that too at a much enhanced resolution than before. The huge amount of real world 3D data being extracted is paving way for opportunities in all sectors. Now, the impending challenge is to manage the data to make it more accessible, transferrable, and extensively usable. Simply put, the spatial data needs to be managed in accordance with the latest trends in the geospatial data industry.

This is where Cesium can make a drastic difference by deploying a technology that could unlock the possibilities of real world 3D data. “Cesium is an open platform to stream, visualize, and analyze 3D geospatial data. We take your raw 3D data, put it on the globe, and let you see it, interact with it, and share it”, informs Patrick Cozzi, CEO, Cesium.

The process of materializing Cesium began way back in 2011 as an open-source visualization engine (3D). Today, Cesium is an all-encompassing platform built specifically for 3D geospatial data. The 3D tiling pipelines with the ability to transform diverse and massive 3D geospatial data to highly streaming content form the basis of Cesium. The streamlined content can thus be used on any device both offline or online.

“We want developers to be able to easily build 3D data into their apps, for data providers to share massive datasets in real-time with just a link, and for data and insights gleaned from 3D data to be used across industries”, adds Patrick.

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