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How Will the BIM Models Work Efficiently

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, December 01, 2020

The companies must use BIM models to maintain it regularly to work effectively.

FREMONT, CA: The usefulness of the building information modeling (BIM) workflow increases when valuable information is fed into it. The principle applies to either a new construction project or and current building. The BIM model is a digital image of the physical and functional characteristics of the building. It is a shared collaborative system of information about a structure that is utilized as a base for making essential decisions about operations, design, and construction. As the building never stands still, the model is also continuously developing.

The most crucial factor in achieving a BIM project's success is the regular and continuous maintenance of the model. To effectively cover the entire lifecycle of the building, the BIM needs consistent and constant updates. Here are some of the common challenges a laser-scanning professional might experience.

1. BIM education and training

In most situations, even if the project requires an update of the BIM model, the companies do not have proper skills in-house. one of the easy options is outsourcing the work to a specialized third-party. But a better long-term solution will be to implement BIM more closely to the business.

It is necessary to educate and train the employees because it will offer significant transformation in the organization. The companies will also have skilled personnel who will have the power to develop and update the BIM models. Therefore, it will also help businesses to become more efficient and effective.

It can be challenging for companies to figure out where they start. But while nurturing the BIM specialists, it is necessary to develop the team's skills in data management, content management, and analytics.

2. Interoperable drawing software

It is also essential that the companies o not rush to purchase drawing software to provide updates to the BIM models without paying attention to the industry standards and popular framework. The project teams need to choose software that will meet their every requirement and compatible with the stakeholders' tools.

The BIM projects will even establish a Common Data Environment (CDE) to allow collaboration among the project team members and avoid duplication. The CDE is also utilized to collect, manage, and disseminate documents, graphical models, and non-graphical data from the project teams.

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