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Benefits of Using Building Information Modelling in Construction

By Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The construction sector is witnessing a paradigm shift through Building Information Modelling (BIM) allowing firms to build efficiently. Design teams, contractors, and clients are using BIM to communicate effectively throughout construction making it one of the most widely adopted technologies around the world. BIM software helps in creating digital construction models which acts as a centralized store of information about the building. The data stored can be used by various parties involved in the project to help them make better predictions. BIM offers complete information and adds additional information such as schedule, cost, and sustainability information through the use of notes and attached documents.  

 According to a report by Dodge Data & Analytics, a massive number of contractors use BIM to improve their operations. BIM is around for over a decade, and recent advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning are refreshing the technology. With the help of technologies, BIM is likely to create exciting opportunities for all kinds of construction companies. Companies are using BIM to give their employees the freedom over individual aspects of a

 project while adding fresh information so that the company has the latest information. The specialty of a BIM model is that it can be minutely detailed down to the last physical characteristics. 

The ability of a BIM model to be integrated with documentation provides information which is less likely to get lost. This results in access to every piece of relevant information whenever the employees need it. Furthermore, this increases the clarity and the transparency of the entire project leading better clarity in case of audits or inspections. This model offers an excellent way of sharing the vision for a project with investors and project owners. This process saves time by avoiding disruptive site visits and long meetings.  

BIM models useful even after the project is over. Information like the average lifespan of components, building materials, and proposed maintenance can be helpful for the company. BIM also provides a positive return on investment according to a report by Autodesk. Companies using BIM report a 50 percent improvement in coordination. The information from these models can efficiently answer audits and help in future projects and even decrease the costs of renovation.

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