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Michael Rosario, Construction Tech Review | Friday, August 28, 2020

Keeping the employees safe from OSHA's Fatal Four is the duty of the construction companies, and they must ensure that it's a team effort.

FREMONT, CA The construction industry is one with most vulnerable sectors, and the employees within it must get specialized training to reduce the chances of danger. However, a few types of construction accidents are common and can also be life-threatening. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) it is known as the Fatal Four.

Top 10 Safety and Compliance Companies - 2019As per statistics provided by OSHA's Fatal Four, the primary cause of death in the private sector are getting struck by objects, being caught or compresses by an object, falls, or getting electrocutions.

The construction companies must make it their priority to keep people safe from the work-related fatalities. However, it is even vital to protect the employees from the accidents that need more time off from work to recover. When the employees cannot work due to injury, their recovery time might extend, and it can have a negative impact on the overall productivity of the team.

Several things might be the cause of accidents in construction sites, for case, an employee can get electrocution while handling a live wire or if someone forgot to cut off the power source.

However, the construction managers in the sites can take the responsibility of keeping their employees safe and prevent the Fatal Four accidents from occurring, but they have to maintain some rules.

1. Ongoing Safety Training is Compulsory

OSHA has a list of requirements related to training for several industries that also includes construction. The construction companies have to maintain a detailed record of their employees. The file consists of information like the duration of time when a worker has received training, the type of training received by the employees, and many other details.

It is also essential that the employees receive their periodic training updates from knowing the latest technologies that have been added and the process of handling them so that they can stay safe.

2. Invest in Technology that will Improve Safety

The companies must consider their budget regarding the emerging technologies so that they can make the job sites safer. Among the emerging technologies, there is a computer vision system that makes use of machine learning while surveying the sites for checking whether there are any safety hazards and flag problems to avoid accidents.

Several companies have virtual reality (VR) modules that they use for the employees to go through while in training. The technology makes the information immersive and easy to memorize.

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