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The Transformation of Bim through...

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A Digital Touch for the Construction Industry

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Advancement toward a world of IoT-driven technologies is improving the entire workflow system of an enterprise by elevating the efficiency and quality of facilities and increasing the management's potential. A significant part of the construction industry follows aged procedures, which cause several hindrances in the management system and complicates the entire building process. A substantial adjustment of the construction industry is required to deduct the probability of operational complexity and avoid unwanted accidents.

Integration of smart infrastructure with workflow procedure by using a combination of automated processes will unlock the full potential of smart buildings. A single integrated platform that comprises of all elements from design, procurement, and implementation to commissioning, operation, and maintenance is used to maximize the efficiency and performance.  The support offered by smart building information modeling (BIM) services is transforming the industry, affecting construction, handover, and the complete building lifecycle from day one. With the enhanced digital ecosystem offered by smart BIM and commission to operate (C2O), the efficiency of the entire building process is optimized from maintenance management to the reduction of energy costs.

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C2O is a method that fuses and automates the entire construction process. To build a complete functioning and operational smart BIM, the amalgamation of mechanically operated sub-system and IoT point configuration is required. By offering a live indicator panel, smart BIM highlights the prime factors that need attention in various constructional processes. The everyday operation of different systems is monitored and presented for statistical and management purpose. 

Enabling digital twin not only eases the process of automation and monitoring of complex functions but also reduces the resource requirements for the commission, uncovers errors and redundancies, and helps in detection of incompatibilities at the initial stages of design. The employment of smart BIM and C2O improves the environmental quality by 70 percent, reduces the implementation cost by 20 percent, increases productivity by 50 percent, and cuts down the operational cost by 30 percent.

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