Tridify: Redefining the Standards of BIM Communication

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Alexander Le Bell, CEO , TridifyAlexander Le Bell, CEO
Driven by a relentless passion for eradicating the hassle of manual modelling and reducing human-led errors in the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry, Tridify has set out on a mission is to make BIM models accessible to everyone with the power of automation. Established in Finland in 2012, Tridify’s technologists are leveraging over 30 years of experience working with VR technology to focus on delivering a solution that automates the delivery of architectural 3D BIM & CAD models, with BIM data attached.

The company has developed its own VR application for AEC professionals, which takes existing 3D assets and smart objects and creates immersive, interactive virtual environments that allow users to manipulate dynamic objects online in real-time. Tridify’s state-of-the-art application delivers 3D BIM models to the web extremely fast for them to be shared and viewed easily by everyone and referred at all stages of the BIM cycle. This allows all those non-technical on-field workers to participate more effectively and better contribute to the workflow.

The application is web shareable, mobile-friendly and comes with easy-to-use features meant for non-technical professionals and end-users to understand the role of architectural BIM models in the design and construction process.

With free BIM Viewer and tools, on-field construction workers need not have any prior technical knowledge of various software and have neither any apps to download nor any hardware to buy. The app comprises all familiar mobile functionalities, with nothing new to learn. Riding high on accessibility, the app can be introduced to contractors at any time on their own hardware (mobile) and just through a URL link. The BIM teams can also incorporate inputs from any BIM/CAD software using IFC and any issue management software using BCF. Also, since the app is built on open standards, teams can opt for 2-way live feedback and add photos to comments. Moreover, the application boasts of a low cost, single subscription and can be added to the project at any time for unlimited collaborators to share and view other BIM Tools.

Then again, Tridify believes the best results come when it is easy for everyone to share information between clients, designers, contractors and other professionals –all throughout the design process. Getting this information across in a simple-to-understand format can become a tedious task if the BIM team is restricted to using traditional communication channels. And this is exactly why the Tridify Commenting Tool lets users communicate project issues, changes or questions easily – without having to set up a meeting each and every time.
  • Tridify believes the best results come when it is easy for everyone to share information between clients, designers, contractors and other professionals –all throughout the design process.

By sending a link through the BIM Viewer to other team members, they can participate in the latest discussion for reviewing, validating, and communicating changes in design– regardless of where they’re working from. With the Tridify Commenting Tool at their disposal, virtual collaboration on BIM models has never been easier. What’s more, the commenting tool is considered ideal for dispersed or remote teams, which serves as a great alternative to huddling around computers in an office.

It is on this note that BIM teams who are looking for maximum return for the least investment both in terms of time and money are choosing Tridify. Building on its industry-wide reputation of adding value to the construction industry in a cost-efficient way, Tridify will continue to leverage smart technology as its backbone and help clients achieve ambitious business targets.

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Alexander Le Bell, CEO

Tridify extends the value of your BIM, delivering projects simpler, faster, and more cost-effectively. The company makes it easier for BIM teams to process and contractor teams to implement - Inputs from any BIM/CAD software, simple 2-way communication back to issue management software. Users can upload BIM models, combine and share them. Users can send their colleagues and clients a link across WhatsApp, social channels, email, etc., so they can access your model in minutes via mobiles, tablets, desktops.

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