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Patrick Bohle, CEO, TriBuild, IncPatrick Bohle, CEO
As an entity who’s been in business for over 25 years and counting, CMI, a midsize mechanical contractor, has built a reputation of providing new and retrofit mechanical installations for a large number of general contractors and owners. Like their competitors, CMI also needed to keep up with the ever-changing drawing revisions, submittals, RFIs, and change orders. To this end, they decided to device a system that would help them stay organized as well as standardize how their team creates and manages project documentation and information. But where would they find a technology provider focused on delivering a growing number of technology-enabled hardware and software-as-as-ervice (SaaS) solutions for the global construction industry? Enter TriBuild. The company’s solution—TriBuild Construction Management—enabled CMI’s office and field personnel to communicate and streamline their project workflows. Ultimately, this not only provided them with the organizational system that they required but also improved field to office communication such that they could revamp themselves as a professional, technology-driven company.

The success story stands as a testament to the prowess that TriBuild has made in a short time through its mission of optimizing and synchronizing the construction workflow. By creating deeply integrated technology solutions that increase accuracy, reduce costs, boost productivity, and maximize profitability for the construction industry, the company has truly steered ahead of the competition.
Patrick Bohle, Co-Founder & CEO of TriBuild, mentions, “Our focus is on the high-value specialty trade contractors who are underserved by many of the large technology firms. And also, contractors who are still using traditional workflow tools have siloed data which is less accessible to the entire team and find significant benefit by adopting our construction management solution.”

Through a combination of organic growth, licensing and distribution arrangements, acquisitions, and strategic relationships, TriBuild Construction Management solution provides cloud-based, intuitive, and collaborative tools for managing commercial or industrial construction projects from anywhere regardless of device. The features and workflows are designed for specialty contractors with a strong focus on utilizing technology with minimal IT requirements. “TriBuild Construction Management solution can help a contractor manage their documents, RFIs, change orders, submittals, budget, billing and other aspects of a project,” says Bohle. A major focus for the company is to develop easy-to-use workflows, which give clients a short learning curve and ensures that they are up-and-running with the solution quickly and implementing standardized processes within their company.
  • TriBuild’s Construction Management solution can help a contractor manage their documents, RFIs, change orders, submittals, budget, billing and other aspects of a project

Rather than providing clients access to functionality through chargeable modules and upgrades, TriBuild Construction Management is an all-inclusive, singular solution which ensures that the clients have access to the offered collaboration tools. The company’s affordable role-based tiered licensing enables its clients to give access to all of the critical roles and individuals involved in dayto-day project management. This helps a company build a foundation for managing projects to reduce risk, improve efficiency and standardize processes.

Evidently, TriBuild has carved a unique niche for itself in the construction industry and going forward the company will continue to improve its construction management solution through organic development of features while seeking meaningful partnerships and integrations with other solution providers. “The construction industry has a number of point solutions used, from a variety of solution providers. It is uncommon to find a contractor that is loyal exclusively to a single provider. It is important to us that we listen to our clients’ needs and do what we can to support the flow of information throughout the construction process,” concludes Pat.
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TriBuild, Inc

Broomfield, Colorado

Patrick Bohle, CEO

TriBuild, Inc. is a construction contractor software company established to provide MEP contractors with advanced technology solutions to manage projects easier, save time, and increase profits. TriBuild's focus is to offer solutions to the high-value specialty trade contractors who are under-served by many of the large technology firms and also on contractors using traditional workflow tools struggling with siloed data and more accessible communication in their project management

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