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Joanna Johnson, CEO, TeqtometicJoanna Johnson, CEO
In the construction sector, general contractors have always relied on their trusted subcontractors to solicit bids and collaborate on projects to complete them within a specific timetable. However, the scene has evolved considerably in recent years due to the United States’ exponential growth in building spending. With this rapid growth in the construction industry, general contractors now face a particularly tough situation—a significant shortage of trained workers and subcontractors and rising expenses. As a result, general contractors are frequently forced to engage with subcontractors that are not performing, resulting in delays and increased costs. General contractors and subcontractors both find it challenging to compete for various contracts. Moreover, the failure of the two parties to coordinate and communicate effectively leads to a low bid-to-win ratio, which limits their capacity to raise profit margins. Despite being an essential part of the construction industry, bidding is lengthy, arduous, and frequently risky. Teqtometic, a construction bidding and real estate pioneer, can help contractors overcome this and stand out among the competition.

Teqtometic has developed a platform to automate the time-consuming process of building bidding. Its cloud-based bidding and project management software brings together general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.
“By bringing together all aspects of the business, we’ve created an integrated marketplace for all commercial building projects. Our solution is highly user-friendly and generates three times the number of bids—more than any other solution on the market,” explains John Brown, CEO at Teqtometic.

General contractors can use Teqtometic’s trendsetting platform to present their projects to many subcontractors, allowing them to acquire more bids and choose a competent partner. This cutting-edge solution is entirely free for general contractors and will enable them to select subcontractors from across the country—even for the rural areas.

Not just this, Teqtometic’s solutions go beyond construction bidding and estimation. The company has also made its presence in the real estate sector with its innovative property lending software. Teqtometic’s innovative tools and personalized data analysis enable visibility and efficiency throughout the loan process. The company leverages its in-depth understanding of the financing lifecycle, broad subject matter expertise, and state-of-the-art tax, title, and valuation systems to authenticate property attributes and increase efficiency. The software seamlessly connects SaaS and data-driven solutions, resulting in a graphical user experience (GUI) that is both versatile and intuitive. Additionally, Teqtometic uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline workflows for a more seamless experience for all real estate stakeholders.
  • By bringing together all aspects of the business, we’ve created an integrated marketplace for all commercial building projects

Teqtometic is growing each month, with over thousands of new users registering and utilizing the program. Teqtometic has several exciting future developments planned and wishes to simplify the rating procedure for general contractors and subcontractors. The company is also working on a premium product for general contractors with advanced analytics that will enable users to track project win rates precisely. Additionally, Teqtometic is expanding its presence in the financial services business due to implementing its robust bankruptcy technology experience for the benefit of all real estate ecosystem stakeholders.
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Joanna Johnson, CEO

Teqtometic makes it easy for multiple stakeholders to collaborate using its cloud-based solutions

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