Risk Management Partners, Inc.: Upholding Safety Above All

Lee Lyner, VP of Operations, Risk Management Partners, IncLee Lyner, VP of Operations
Although accidents in a construction site might seem like a familiar and unavoidable affair, making specific workflow changes in the execution of business operations can lead to substantially positive results. Working closely with clients in the construction landscape, Risk Management Partners (RMP)—with Lee Lyner and Viral Darji at the helm of the business—has continued to deliver unmatched safety within construction sites. Dedicated to reducing overhead expenses associated with maintaining industry best practices, RMP stands out as a leading safety partner for construction organizations, by significantly reducing safety compliance violations and injuries, and developing and strengthening safety cultures.

“With over 18 years of experience in the construction arena and other industries, RMP excels at understanding what it takes to uphold safety at workplaces. RMP’s range of services is specifically aimed at enhancing safety in the construction sites for workers,” states Lyner, VP of Operations at RMP. Besides developing procedures and providing resources for rescue operations for confined spaces, Heat Illness Prevention Program, and similar other safety programs, RMP offers extensive Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) services. OSHA consulting services include 10 and 30-hour training sessions, OSHA Volunteer Protection Program (OSHA VPP), OSHA compliance, and Employee Behavior Safety Assessments. Also, RMP facilitates Lockout/Tagout (LO/TO) Procedures, Job Safety Analysis/Job Hazard Analysis (JSA and JHA) Training and development, as well as providing clients with Forklift Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT) best practices. RMP also provides Ergonomic training and assessments, job coaching, and stretch and flex programs which have been extremely successful with many large, reputable construction companies throughout the nation.

RMP initiates strategies based upon onsite assessments, aiming to identify any potential hazards in the existing infrastructure of its clients.
Assessments are followed by tailored recommendations for eliminating potential issues step by step. “With our solutions, clients continue to experience a significant reduction in costs associated with claims and employee turnover, all while staying abreast with the dynamic industry regulations,” comments Darji, VP of Finance, RMP. The company’s safety management team ensures that all of the clients’ claims, environmental, and DOT information are available at a centralized online location. Doing so makes it easier for clients to access their data irrespective of the time and location, without the necessity for hiring an assistant to manage this critical safety information.

What makes RMP unique in the landscape is its team’s passion for digging deep into the problems of its clients, rather than just exploring a superficial layer of the issue. The company helps its clients throughout their journey of business, spotting potential vulnerabilities and resolving them right from their sources. RMP works hand-in-hand with companies and facilities alike to help them achieve OSHA VPP status through its Loss Control services. This has helped companies to attain higher employee satisfaction rates, while successfully keeping the injury and illness rates far below the average standard recognized by the National Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • With our safety solutions, clients continue to experience a significant reduction in costs associated with claims and employee turnover, minimized exposure to fines and penalties, all while staying safe from the dynamic industry regulations

As an illustrative case study, RMP assisted a pharmaceutical company in dropping their claims issues by almost 80 percent, eventually helping them increase their plants from one to four in number and employee base from 400 to 700. Scripting similar success stories, RMP has established a well-respected reputation nationwide. The company aims to offer their services to more clients and educate them about the necessity for enhancing the safety factor in workplaces and construction sites.
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