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Bülent Yildiz, Founder and CEO & Prof. Dr. Claus Nesensohn, Founder and CEO, refine Projects AGBülent Yildiz, Founder and CEO & Prof. Dr. Claus Nesensohn, Founder and CEO
The Stone Age is long gone, and humankind has evolved from caves to skyscrapers, making significant strides in the construction industry. Much of these developments can be attributed to the consistent refinement of construction workflows, productivity-oriented practices and utilitarian technological tools, paving the path for new innovative developments. To this end, Lean Construction a project based production philosophy allows organizations to build the ‘ideal’ product and implement a production system that generates the maximum value with the least amount of waste and maximum customer value. As specialists in Lean Construction and integrated project delivery, refine a business consulting and services company has set out on a mission to inspire organizations, teams and people to challenge and refine their construction design and delivery processes and capabilities.

Driven by the unwavering passion for transforming traditional construction processes, refine is set to support construction project teams and companies to jointly develop solutions based on the Lean Philosophy and to maximise innovation, value creation and collaboration in construction. refine´s product is not software - but the instructions for change processes, in which the interaction between people is always in the foreground. “We are an international consulting company with a start-up mentality, redefining the construction and real estate industry by delivering projects more collaboratively based on Integrated Project delivery (IPD) and Lean Construction,” notes the founders and CEOs Bülent Yildiz and Claus Nesensohn at refine.

The organisation has established itself as the global market leader in delivering innovation on construction sites that boost its productivity.

Furthermore, the team at refine believes that, to realise high-performance projects, businesses need high-performance teams. As a result, the company seeks to encourage people to collaborate, aiding them and developing the ideal culture for high performing teams. In the same vein, refine consults and coaches a consortium of subcontractors, contractors, designers, and engineers, among many others, to shift from a traditional way of working to a new lean, collaborative, and innovative way of teamwork.
Today, there exists a direct correlation between the construction process and the value created by businesses and building owners. The basis for value creation is a 3D model enriched with information used as a data source throughout the building’s life cycle. In a recent engagement, refine, leveraging its Integrated Project Delivery approach and project delivery strategy, redesigned and rebuilt a workspace within 12 weeks for a client’s office renovation project.
  • We are an international consulting company with a start-up mentality redefining the construction industry by delivering projects in a more collaborative way based on Integrated Project Delivery, Building Information Modelling and Lean Construction

Commemorating many such engagements with its customers, refine is revolutionising the construction industry, establishing new methods and thus creating added value for businesses involved in construction. refine leverages virtual reality, 3D planning coordination, collision checking, model-based quantity takeoff, model-based controlling and networked value chains to become digital, lean and captivating for the future generation of employees.

refine prides on a legacy of 20 years of effective project management for clients globally and is continuing to connect with like-minded people who believe in a truly collaborative value-generating industry. Further, its culture centers on people, processes, technology, and engineering, making the firm stand out in the construction industry. The leadership at refine aims to build an ecosystem of high performance teams in the construction industry with a strong mindset and modern design & construction processes. Moving ahead, refine will continue to provide actionable insight into the application of Lean Philosophy to make sustainable improvements and deliver value with more collaboration and effectiveness to transform the construction industry.
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refine Projects AG

Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg

Bülent Yildiz, Founder and CEO & Prof. Dr. Claus Nesensohn, Founder and CEO

refine is a consulting company that supports construction project teams to jointly develop solutions based on the Lean Philosophy and to maximise innovation, value creation and collaboration in construction.

refine Projects AG
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