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Every department of the construction sector presents its own set of challenges, and builders often are left lurking without the adequate expertise and knowledge to overcome the issues. The waywardness can cost a constructor precious time, and incur costs due to incompletion of projects within stipulated timelines. Offering constructors the flexibility to adapt to any construction project situation is Optim Project Management, a construction management company. OptimPM’s employs a team that has significant experience in construction sectors such as industrial, logistics, retail, and office, to name a few. “We are always seeking for the optimal solution and service for the benefit of the client, by employing the optimum team capable to carry out the project from concept through to completion, and turn the client’s vision into reality,” says David Evans, Founder and owner at Optim Project Management.

Having worked on various construction projects across the globe over a period of more than 40 years, David Evans decided to use his experience to help construction companies complete their projects efficiently, and with no hassle. Optim Project Management is a fruition of his passion for planning, design coordination, tendering, cost control and management of any construction project.

One of the primary challenges for a constructor is in keeping track of all the individual specialist contractors, and effectively managing their payroll, and other managerial services. With OptimPM’s Construction Management, builders can breathe a sigh of relief, as all technical and administrative management services are handled by the construction management specialist.
OptimPM oversees all aspects including initial bid stage through to the final handout of a building, and ensures that builders can save substantial cost and time. OptimPM’s extended list of construction project management services includes Engineering, procurement and construction management, Cost Management, Design Management, Site Inspection, and Health and Safety Coordination. “We always seek and maintain a close relationship with our clients to better understand their needs and assist them to strike a healthy balance between design aspirations and cost considerations for their project,” elucidates Evans.
  • We are always seeking for the optimal solution and service for the benefit of the client

As safety is a top priority at any construction site, OptimPM ensures that there is absolutely no compromise, and works in accordance with all required employee safety compliance laws. Transparency is also key to maintaining excellent relationships with clients, and to this end, the construction management company fosters a team working attitude amongst its staff, clients, consultants and contractors. The service is built on the fundamentals of collaboration, communication, respect and trust. To continually maintain its service excellence, OptimPM is synonymous with setting the highest construction industry standards, and is continuously innovating to contribute to the success of its clients.

In the case of a construction site mishap, OptimPM takes an honesty is the best policy approach, and holds itself accountable for both its operations and contractual agreements. With a team of internationally acclaimed construction experts, OptimPM has made quick inroads at its home real estate market in Romania. And in finding its grounds, OptimPM has expanded into other parts of Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. Growing year on year since its creation, OptimPM currently manages construction-related projects that costs an excess of 300 million Euros annually.
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Optim Project Management

Bucharest, Romania

David Evan, Founder and Owner

A construction project management company that oversees a building project from tender bidding to close-out

Optim Project Management
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