Why it is Essential to Keep an Underground Utility Checklist?

Construction Tech Review | Friday, October 30, 2020

The construction companies must have an underground utility checklist to refer to it before conducting their underground construction project.

FREMONT, CA: Damages in underground infrastructure are increasing due to inaccurate excavation, and the facilities that are mostly affected due to it are natural gas, telecommunications, and electricity. Employees that are conducting tasks associated to trenching, underground construction, or excavation have to deal with a unique set of risks. Along with damaging utility infrastructure, the employees are also exposed to the explosion, electrocution problems, fire, and asphyxiation.

Companies are trying to utilize an underground utility checklist to avoid financial harm, damages, and business interruption. The tools will help the construction companies take the necessary precautions for protecting their employees and utilities they might encounter. Here are some of the items that the organizations must consider for adding to the checklist to address before the excavation or underground construction project.

Utility locate requests

Top 10 HVAC Solution Companies - 2019Every province has a selected hotline which is utilized for dealing with underground service locate requests. These hotlines offer full information like who will be digging, when, and where it will occur. It also mentions the depth that it will reach, the type of work, and the procedure that will be followed. Companies have to wait until the area has been cleared for digging. The locate requests also help prevent damages to the utilities buried and decrease the risk of an unexpected expense.

When the companies respond to the requests, they will be notified about the locations of every underground service. it might consist of water, cable TV, pipelines, gas, electrical, and telephone. Construction companies may also receive a diagram with the location information so that they can keep a record. It is also essential for them to understand the potential hazards of any utilities and techniques of controlling them in that area for digging before they start doing their work.


For the construction companies, it is essential to keep every report documented. They can make use of a standardized form of collecting data like an underground utility checklist. They must also maintain documentation of locating reports, clearance, and utility supporting procedures. It will become easy for them to respond as quickly as possible during emergencies.

A company can even see that a utility is inaccurately marked or was unknown previously. In such cases also they must indicate it in their report. It is also crucial to record the contact information for every facility owner and obtain more information on best practices related to documentation, and the companies can always refer to the damage prevention guide. 

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