Where the Rubber meets the Road

By Sarah Cooper, COO, M2Mi

Where the Rubber meets the Road

Changes in Technology are Crucial for an Organization

By Chris Laping, CIO, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Changes in Technology are Crucial for...

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Innovation is Bringing Together...

Jumpstarting a Smart Region

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Jumpstarting a Smart Region

Why is it Necessary to Adopt Intelligent Building Technologies?

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The construction industry has started to adopt intelligent building technology solutions for a better construction platform minimizing carbon emission and building a better environment.

FREMONT, CA: Decision-making and investment processes for constructing and operating the construction building process can be redefined to attain the deep emissions minimization that is required to correct the climate change. Intelligent building technologies play a vital role in the process of lowering carbon emissions in the future.

At present, the relationship held between the building energy supply and demand is emerging efficiently. A highly digitalized and more sustainable and dynamic energy system is evolving. Intelligent building solutions help in engagement in this new environment. Intelligent buildings are highly used for data analytics to direct automation and controls to optimize energy consumption, experience, and comfort.

The future-ready buildings use technologies to organize the building operations with other onsite distributed energy resources like solar,  EV charging infrastructure, or storage. New bonds will emerge between utilities, technology, and service providers, and building owners as traditional market roles pave the way to a more fluid and competitive ecosystem. Significant value creation opportunities will evolve as a result of an increasingly dynamic, flexible, and intelligent building stock that achieves seamless interaction with an emerging grid infrastructure that prioritizes clean, distributed, mobile, and intelligent market systems.

The intelligent building technologies market is very competitive and has a dynamic environment. Advisory services have shifted to the forefront as business relationships have emerged from a technical focus to aid with deeper strategic business guidance and a roadmap forward.

Challenges in the market, comprising of the integration of diverse systems, are being overcome through persistent innovation of technologies, partnerships enable complete solutions and the flexibility of intelligent solutions.

New revenue streams will evolve when the building sells excess clean power generation to neighboring construction or the grid. Automation and control and data analytics are the critical, intelligent building solutions that will work as the backbone of the future building. The climate crisis demands rapid action. Intelligent building solutions can bridge between the advocates focused on decarbonization and executives eyeing the bottom line.

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