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Construction Tech Review | Sunday, April 24, 2022

Companies are using BIM software because it helps them streamline the projects and increase their efficiency. 

FREMONT, CA: BIM technology can be used for various reasons like environmental analysis, complex renovation and addition projects, and environmental analysis. Several companies currently use BIM software in every new project. One of the essential aspects of BIM teamwork is transferring the files among team members. The in-house technical employees can create a model that consists of every engineering discipline to produce a wide range of basis for BIM and IPD projects. 

Many companies utilize in-house tools, guidelines, and templates to facilitate BIM during projects. Here are some of the tools that can be used. 

Existing Conditions Modeling

By understanding the current conditions, the teams will get a framework to evaluate an existing facility and its systems like electrical, structural, mechanical, plumbing, life safety, and circulation of materials and people. The teams might require other modeling methods if they do not get BIM or similar digital documents of the existing conditions. The methods used for documenting the existing conditions might consist of laser scanning to point clouds, exterior UAS photography, space utilization data collection, manual field verification, photogrammetry, and coordination of existing facility analog documentation.

The laser scanning can save several hours of error-prone field measurement and even capture more information than the traditional procedure. The amount to which several existing conditions require modeling can be decided collaboratively by the design team and referenced by the BIM Execution Plan. 

Lean Documentation

Lean documentation is another part of the work that uses the BIM file’s power. The model is developed from standard assemblies with properties assigned, due to which it utilizes the BIM assemblies to simplify and coordinate documents. The specifications offer detailed information by referring to a keynote file connected to specific terminology.

Design Review

The tools that utilize BIM data allow the project team to validate the design decisions with quantitative and qualitative analysis, along with a collaborative review. The design data is also shared in the meetings with the facility users and stakeholders to offer feedback on crucial aesthetic and functional elements of the design.

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