Utilizing Technology to Achieve Project Quality

Mike Sidani, Director of Project Delivery Excellence, Michael Baker International

Utilizing Technology to Achieve Project Quality

Bridges Built Yesterday, Today and for Tomorrow

Brian C. Stieritz, PE, Executive Vice President Southeast, Skanska USA Civil

Bridges Built Yesterday, Today and for Tomorrow

Leveraging BIM for Business Growth

Gregory Allouis, Strategic Solutions Director, SPIE UK

Leveraging BIM for Business Growth

What's New in Building Automation?

Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, July 01, 2020

The building automation industry is redefining itself by rapid innovation.

Fremont, CA: Smart building solutions can do more tasks and execute them faster and easier than earlier generations of devices. The business leaders are currently formulating strategies to reflect the digital transformation happening throughout their organizations by creating smart, digitally connected spaces that utilize less energy, meet sustainability and safety goals, and boost workplace collaboration and productivity. The adoption of building automation gives rise to an opportunity for building operators and occupants to leverage smart building automation technologies to reduce the cost of operations and increase worker productivity.

Master systems integrators bridges facilities management and IT

A new trade is to migrate into facilities management from the security system industry. Master systems integrators are experts in building and maintaining data plumbing, or the way cloud computing systems are connected. The job is part of IT, part facilities, and is the natural result of facilities management strategies that increasingly rely on networked devices.

Top 10 Building Automation Solution Companies -  2019Staffing needs to change regularly.

The emergence of master systems integrators shows why staffing decisions are such high stakes. The facilities professional need broad knowledge, not only in building systems but also in engineering, computer science, and other crucial areas for managing the new age buildings. Part of finding these people is ensuring if they know that facilities management exists.

IP products explode into the marketplace.

All of the major players in the building automation space have introduced Internet Protocol (IP)-based systems. In an IP-based building automation system, every device on the network has its IP address, just like how computers are networked.

The growth of IP automation products to the way Voice over IP (VoIP) phones replaced analog landline models. That is thousands of times better than the old way when you only had one way of doing it – hardwiring it, connecting it to a gateway, and connecting it to a computer.

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