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What are the Trends in Roofing Technology to Keep an Eye On?

By Construction Tech Review | Monday, December 02, 2019

Roofers, facing a dearth of laborers, adopt the following trends to derive benefits out of it for a prospective future.

FREMONT, CA: Having faced with a continuous dearth of laborers, construction firms require technology that can replace workers. Since the demand for projects is growing, roofing technology is more crucial for more efficient and compelling work. Here are the most significant advancements and trends in roofing technology for construction companies to keep an eye on.

Mobile Apps

The onset of mobile phones in all the industries has severely impacted by reducing time and energy consumption, as paperwork has been made easy. It helps the roofers in the following ways:

• Scale building roofs
• Share related images and videos of a building across the company
• Build and share roof reports and estimates to clients
• Create and send invoices to clients
• Identify an owner’s contact information on demand


Drones are occupying a prominent place in building roofs. Roofers can employ drones to analyze and see buildings that were not possible years ago. High-resolution images, when fed into apps, help measure the roof on a building. Some others employ the images for high-quality websites and marketing images, post them in social media, or share with clients through a targeted mailer or email campaign. An added advantage is that, unlike flights, drones once they complete the set task, do not repeat it unless pre-programmed. Automation makes great time-savings for roofers. Drones prevent the need for roofers who physically climb to take roof measurements that can potentially result in accidents and injuries.

New and innovative roofs

There is an increase in focus towards developing new and innovative roofs towards meeting energy needs and the ability to withstand the storm. Some examples would be cool roofs and green roofs.

Cool roofs made with materials that can absorb and reflect infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths from the sun. Owing to their property, they consume more heat, allowing buildings to use less energy to keep themselves cool while reducing emissions and pollution.

Greenroofs, on the other hand, serve the same purpose as cool roofs, but differently. They are also referred to as “vegetated roofs” as they include soil and vegetation atop a building, with waterproofing layers beneath.

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