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What are the Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Building?

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Environment-friendly construction is a unique method of building structures that make sure the resources are used responsibly and efficiently, without compromising on the health and comfort of the workers and buyers.

FREMONT, CA: To construct an eco-friendly building, the builders have to make sure that they use materials and procedures that are resource-efficient and environmentally responsible all through the life cycle of a building. Earlier green buildings were dismissed because of its cost, but in recent years it has witnessed a surge in its popularity due to various benefits they provide over the non-green buildings that range from social to environmental and economic. Here are some of the reasons why consumers must not shy away from the eco-friendly construction companies while building their apartment.

1. Low Maintenance and Operation Cost

The green buildings integrate unique construction features that ensure efficient usage of resources like energy and water. For example, by using the task lighting strategy and a lot of daylight, green buildings can automatically reduce the amount of power used in the lighting systems. Therefore consumers can save a considerable amount from their energy and water bills. Reducing the operating and maintenance cost will significantly increase the earnings of the building owners who collect rent. Constructing a green building can be a bit more expensive than the non-green ones, but the reduction of operation and maintenance cost will make them much cheaper in the long run.

2. Energy Efficiency

The designers of the green buildings try their best that the buildings do not depend on the energy from the non-renewable sources such as coal. To achieve it, they not only install the solar panels to use the heat from the sun but also design windows in a way that allows natural light as much as possible and reduces the use of artificial light. The environment-friendly methods used while construction ensures that the building uses energy in an efficient manner. Energy efficiency is not only for the consumers who use the green building but for everyone. Non-renewable energy sources are not only expensive but also pollutes the environment.

3. Enhances the Indoor Environment Quality

The indoor environment quality depends upon the conditions inside a building and the way they are affecting the occupants of the building. The requirements include ergonomics, air quality, lighting, and thermal conditions. If the indoor environment quality of a building is pleasant, it will protect the health of the occupants, improve their quality of life, and also reduce stress. The green buildings can provide good indoor environment by installing operable windows that allow as much light as possible and minimizes the use of materials that discard the elements that are dangerous for health. 

4. Water Efficiency

Water resources should be used in a manner that will save water and make sure that future generations enjoy a reliable and constant supply of water. The environment-friendly building allows the usage of alternative sources of water such as rainwater. The buildings also have efficient methods to reduce water wastage by installing plumbing fixtures and reduces the strain on resources by installing systems that will purify water and help in recycling.

 5. Better Health

The people living in a green building can enjoy various health benefits due to the different types of safety materials used during the construction of the buildings. For example, the environment-friendly construction companies will avoid the usage of by-products that are known to release toxic materials. A poisonous substance such as carcinogens will cause not only breathing difficulties but also increases the chance of cancer.

6. Material Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of an eco-friendly building is material efficiency as it involves the use of physical process and materials in a way, which allows minimum usage of substances without compromising on the quality of the construction. For attaining material efficiency, green building organizations use elements that can be recycled and are long-lasting. The buildings are also designed in a manner that employs procedures that uses less raw materials, energy, and water.

The advantages of eco-friendly construction show that it is possible for humans to meet their necessities without diminishing the resources and endangering the ecosystem. 

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