Cannabis, Technology, and Construction

Ron Adams, Vice President Risk Management, Baker Roofing Company; Nina M. French, President, Employer + Law Enforcement Solutions, Hound Labs, Inc.

Cannabis, Technology, and Construction

Building the Present, Creating the Future

Menno de Jonge, Director Digital Construction, Royal BAM Group nv

Building the Present, Creating the Future

How the Technological Evolution is Transforming the Construction Industry

Laura Smith, Virtual Construction Specialist, Miron Construction

How the Technological Evolution is Transforming the Construction Industry

Various Advantages of a Good Air Conditioning

Construction Tech Review | Monday, January 03, 2022

The greatest air conditioner may have a greater impact on people's lives and health than they realize.

FREMONT, CA: Summer will soon be in full swing, and people are ecstatic about the arrival of the hot season. However, the heat can be oppressive at times, which is why r air conditioning system should be prepared for the season. Although many people know the most apparent benefit of an air conditioning unit, which is the capacity to chill their home, there are numerous other reasons to have one. The following are some of the benefits of having a good air conditioner:

1. Calmer temperaments: This is the primary benefit of air conditioning that most people are aware of. It is capable of controlling the indoor atmosphere to offer excellent air. This is a critical function, much more so during the summer when temperatures climb. With the increase in humidity, having a good air conditioner acts as a switch that provides a comfortable, calm, and enjoyable environment.

2. Improved air quality: This is another significant health benefit associated with air conditioning devices. The system circulates and filters the air entering the room, removing contaminants and mold. This allows for the simple entry of solely cleansed air into the living space. It creates an ideal environment for people who are allergic to pollution, particularly those with asthma.

3. Improved health: A decent air conditioner circulates cleansed air throughout the living space. This air is free of dirt particles, dust, bacteria, and smoking, resulting in an exceedingly healthy environment.

Due to the ability to prevent dangerous contaminants from entering the living area, the health of the occupants is improved by preventing the spread of airborne infections.

4. Reduced noise: This is another advantage that many people are unaware of. Without an air conditioner, individuals will be obliged to open the windows to allow natural cooling. However, by keeping the windows of the rooms closed, outside noise is significantly reduced, allowing them to concentrate on whatever they're doing. Additionally, the unit gives a restful night's sleep.

5. Less Persistent Sweat Stains: When the temperature is high, and there is a lot of sweating, staining clothing is likely high. An air conditioner regulates sweating, preserving clothing from stains caused by sweating. Individuals do not want to endure humiliation as a result of sweat discoloration. With an air conditioning system, they can create a comfortable climate that aids in keeping their clothes in good shape.

6. Avoid overheating electronic gadgets: The consequences of excessive heat and humidity damage not only bodies but also the contents of our homes. Electronics are among the most significantly impacted household items. When the temperature rises, severe damage to electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and phones, among others, can occur. It shortens the life of the electronic gadget and may eventually result in the loss of data from devices such as phones and PCs.

7. Increase workforce effectiveness: Humans can only function at a specific range of temperatures. When the temperature rises too high, it becomes complicated to operate efficiently. Individuals can quickly become dehydrated, making even the simplest tasks around the house difficult. Additionally, the body expends a lot of energy, cooling itself, which makes them tired. This unit creates a comfortable working atmosphere for everybody.

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