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Transformative Wave Launches Enhanced Ventilation Mode to Allow Facilities to Meet CDC Recommendations for COVID-19 HVAC Compliance

By Construction Tech Review | Monday, September 14, 2020

Transformative Wave Launches Enhanced Ventilation Mode to Allow Facilities to Meet CDC Recommendations for COVID-19 HVAC Compliance

Transformative Wave announces a breakthrough new feature to its award-winning eIQ Platform.

FREMONT, CA: Transformative Wave is a leading innovator in HVAC and building automation solutions, announces today a new feature to its award-winning eIQ Platform, allowing facility operators to automate ventilation adjustments to abide by with The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommendations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CDC has provided guidelines for commercial buildings, including malls, retail stores, and restaurants, to increase the amount of fresh outside air from HVAC systems to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. New York and Connecticut have made compliance with these standards a requirement for individual businesses seeking to reopen indoor operations. Compliance presents an extreme challenge for most businesses interested in making their facilities as safe and secure as possible.

Modifications to an HVAC system's ventilation settings and schedules traditionally need a technician to visit each facility to make manual adjustments to every HVAC system. This represents a substantial expense and management nightmare.

Alex Douris, the Energy Specialist at H&MWe, commented that they were faced with the need to increase ventilation rates in order to reopen nineteen of their stores in New York and Connecticut. With Transformative Wave, all they had to do is call and ask them to make it happen. With the help of their older building automation system, they would have been forced to physically go out to hundreds of HVAC units to do what Transformative Wave did in a few hours for us. The cost would have been significant.

Transhighave'seIQ Platform is robust building automation and energy-efficient technology beyond conventional control systems' limitations. Automating the process of making sophisticated changes in ventilation settings and schedules is unprecedented.

Enhanced Ventilation Mode can be applied globally throughout all buildings in a customer's portfolio or only select buildings and individual HVAC units. This flexibility enables operators to navigate variations in local standards, occupancies, or climate realities.

Once the Enhanced Ventilation Mode parameters have been defined, enabling and disabling is accomplished with the "push of a virtual button" in the eIQ Platform user interface.

Automated compliance is not within reach of the majority of facility operators in the retail sectors. It requires direct control over the HVAC system's outside air dampers, operating schedules, and existing ventilation settings. Transformative Wave's unique technologies make these kinds of operational changes possible.

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