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Top Technology Trends Revamping the Construction Industry

By Construction Tech Review | Thursday, August 06, 2020

The traditional building and construction landscape is changing, and all the credit goes to the advent of digital technology.

FREMONT, CA: The digital landscape is transforming at an ever-increasing speed. The question for the organizations here is not if they are going to digitalize their workspace, but when and how are they going to keep up and adapt to every evolving futuristic technology. Today, there are various examples of how technology is bringing a revolution in this industry. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Internet of Things (IoT) are dramatically revamping the construction by driving away from the long-standing inefficacies, and low productivity.

Top 10 Construction Tech Startups - 20191. 5-D Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM, a digital representation of the characteristics, consisting of physical and functional aspects of a project, which establishes a reliable basis for decisions in the project’s life cycle. By using 5-D BIM technology, augmented reality (AR) technology via wearable devices can be further enhanced, transforming the construction industry.

2. HD Surveying and Geolocation

Projects generally get delayed because of discrepancies in the ground conditions. New techs that incorporate high-definition photography, 3-D laser scanning, and geographic information systems and more can enhance the accuracy and speed.

3. Digital Collaboration and Mobility

Digitizing workflows have substantial benefits.

Digital construction solutions need to provide a seamless real-time experience across facets, like design management, materials management, QC, scheduling, crew tracking, and so on.

4. IoT and Advanced Analytics

In the construction industry, IoT can help construction machinery, equipment, structures, materials, and more to converse to a central data platform. Other technologies, including the sensors and near-field-communication (NFC) devices, can monitor productivity and reliability.

5. Robotics

It will not be a surprise if robots are found in construction sites. One can expect robots to become a commanding force in the construction arena with its offering of precision and accuracy. The cost of robotics may be high initially, but it will be well worth the benefits.

6. Future-proof Design and Construction

Building materials symbolize a $1 trillion global industry. New building materials, like aerogels, self-healing concrete, and nanomaterials, can lower the costs and speed up construction, enhancing quality and safety.

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