Impact of Newer Technologies on Construction Projects

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Impact of Newer Technologies on...

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It's Not (Just) the Technology

Top 4 Construction Tech to Watch Out for in the Upcoming Years

By Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Technology has been leading the way for significant transformation for the past twenty years in almost all industries. Few of the most noteworthy example includes Uber’s use of technology for transforming the taxi industry and the innovations done by Netflix in the movie rental industry. 

FREMONT, CA: Despite the popularity of technological transformations in all the industries, the construction sector was lagging. This is going to change, individuals, university research teams, and global companies are doing technological innovations, in order to combat the most common challenges that the workers face in their day to day life. 


Instant messaging services and smartphones are behind the transformation of the quality of communication throughout all industries. Although choosing from this sheer volume of communication channels might lead to miscommunication between teams. Real-time project management tools like LetsBuild can give the team a single system to manage various forms of communication, from a quick message to a colleague or a full briefing of an upcoming project. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is commonly used by designers to create 3D versions of their blueprints, helping them to step inside a building even before it is built. It gives the designer a better idea of how the end project looks like and which in turn makes it easier for them to point out any potential miscalculations or structural errors. 

Additionally, AI is also used as a replacement for paper blueprints or CAD designs. Instead of using those, the contractor can wear an AR headset and see the precise details needed.

Exoskeleton Suits

Exoskeleton suits are there to revolutionize the construction industry. These suits allow people to walk and lift heavy objects with very fewer efforts, reducing the required muscle force by 60 percent. In an industry like construction where back injuries are common, exoskeleton suits will have a considerable impact on health and safety in the industry.

3D Printing

3D printing has marked its mark in the construction industry. From a cost point, the technology offers the ability to create the ability to develop building materials in less time and with minimum manual efforts. 3D printing can also be used to create specific objects and parts in minimum time that a human would take, it is more useful when it comes to complex shapes, providing architects with more flexibility while designing structures. 

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