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Top 3 Intelligent Building Technology Trends the Construction Industry Must Adopt

By Construction Tech Review | Monday, February 17, 2020

Implementing intelligent building technology trends and other smart building solutions is not as difficult or complicated as it sounds. Several organizations recommend and also provide IoT solutions that are tailored to the company. Let's look at some of the smart technology trends that can shape the construction industry in 2020.

FREMONT, CA: The technology that enables intelligent and well buildings is prevalent more than ever before. Smart building technology is also more cost-effective when compared to the past. Whereas it used to take an experienced office building manager years to understand and fine-tune building performance, the IoT makes it possible to attain instant operational insights may be used to enhance the bottom line quickly. And while most office buildings aren't likely to live up to these standards anytime soon, a whole host of smart strategies are available with the technology readily accessible for just about any building to put into play. Below given are some of the intelligent building trends categorized under security, building management, and eco-friendship.


Smart building IoT trending features helps to make the homes and offices exposed to cyber-attacks. It's the days are not far where the hackers can easily access the complete Wi-Fi credentials of the house only with the help of a light bulb. But such IoT tech giants like the Intel and Siemens won't let smart building industry trends get in the way of cybersecurity. These companies incorporate secure coding standards and penetration testing practices into the expansion and development of intelligent home products. They also release software security updates to patch newly discovered vulnerabilities. One of the latest trends in cybersecurity is biometric authentication.

Energy Efficiency

Relatively few buildings use any form of real-time energy reporting and continue to depend on the manual meter reading. This technology trend for smart buildings aids to make real-time energy reporting accessible. IoT enables access to real-time monitoring of electric, water and gas meters with the help of Distributed Energy Systems (DES). By combining DES into its design, a smart building will be able to lower energy costs, increase energy efficiency and secure energy supply while minimizing the carbon emissions.


The times of premises-only access to visualization services are way gone. Access to the real-time data concerning the building is available miles away from the building itself by the help of this trend in the intelligent building industry. Building engineers and other facility management personnel can have access to real-time alerts and visualizations being away from the premises. This is considered as one of the most widespread smart building trends since most of IoT platforms provide cloud infrastructure.

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