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Top 3 Construction Trends To Watch Out For in 2020

By Construction Tech Review | Thursday, August 06, 2020

Construction industry trends are changing the business and the global landscape. Increasing prices, scarce skilled labor, and regulatory challenges may only become more stringent over the next few years.

FREMONT, CA: The latest construction industry statistics show a booming and sustainable sector. Yet, the rising construction costs and labor challenges in addition to new regulations are decreasing the margin for error and waste. Modern technology is continuing to change the construction site, develop the ability to win projects, and enhance profit margins. As the construction industry becomes more competitive, the market shifts, providing these construction industry trends will show valuable for any construction firm.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts offer all the organizations in a project a shared system to do business, allowing the companies to buy, track, and also pay for services. Rather than getting contracts and monitoring the deliverables from all different parties, companies can use smart contacts as a complete tracking system where rules and deadlines are set, and the blockchain requires them. This system will carry faster closeouts, enhance security, better project tracking, and also an automated supply chain.

Modular Construction

As the technology supporting of the off-site constructed modular units enhances, the firms can anticipate seeing a lot more activity in this sector. Most of the smaller builders have developed innovative, green building designs with this method, increasing their market visibility and boosting client trust. New technology has also enabled these building and modular buildings to get taller and taller.

Green Construction

Green construction is becoming an expected standard by homebuyers, renters, and also the commercial tenants. Sadly, many sustainable and eco-friendly features remain a luxury, despite the long term savings. Though this may essentially change over the next coming years. Whether it is the pressure within the construction industry, demand from end customers or regulations, expectations are that renewable energy will grow as a percentage of overall consumption.  Green construction comprises of both the technology to lower a building's carbon footprint and the use of resources and building models to minimize the use of resources. Perhaps an even more significant driver of green building is proof of its value for the occupants. Several analysis shows that green buildings can have a good and positive psychological and physiological impact.

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