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Thornton Tomasetti Launches BEACON to Achieve Goal of Zero Carbon Buildings

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Thornton Tomasetti, the international engineering firm, has come up with an innovation which can help in managing embodied carbon optimization.

FREMONT, CA: Recently, Thornton Tomasetti, has introduced Beacon, an innovative embodied carbon measurement tool that possesses the ability to transform the way structural engineers comprehend and manage embodied carbon optimization.

This tool provides the users with the capability to measure embodies carbon, thus enabling for making more informed decisions throughout the design procedure.

The company introduced Beacon after a three-year intensive research and development process led by its CORE studio, which is a firm-wide virtual incubator concentrated on technology via computational modeling and research. The instrument is a complex Autodesk Revit plugin that produces a comprehensive data visualization of the embodied carbon of the project.

Beacon gives the data in a manner which is akin to the thought process of the engineer; thus providing a crystal clear visualization of the embodied carbon quantities of a project by material type, building element and floor levels, enabling engineers to have knowledge of where embodied carbon can be reduced for optimization. It also does the job of grading the embodies carbon levels of the model against the Carbon Leadership Forum’s database of models by building type utilizing a yellow, red, and green rating system.

The company has decided to make Beacon a hassle-free, open-source tool so that it can be easily shared on a global scale.

The launch of Beacon follows the company’s November release of results from its multi-year study of carbon measurement. The focus of the research was on detecting the type of materials, structures, and components that have the highest carbon emissions.

Estimation says that the built environment is accountable for about 40 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions on factoring building materials. Beacon will empower structural engineers in addressing the embodied carbon in new construction. The tool will also be extremely useful in measuring progress towards the Carbon Leadership Forum’s Structural Engineers 2050 Challenge’s main objective of zero carbon buildings by 2050.

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