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The Use of VR and AR in Remote Expert Assistance

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Modernization of technology accelerated the maintenance and repair sector as it created a massive influx of upgraded platforms and next-generation systems. The invisible thread linking the machinery to a maintenance and repair crew is the central point for facilitating an uninterrupted assembly procedure. Incoming augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology have already created a massive buzz in the maintenance and repair sector. The potential possessed by AR and Virtual Reality technologies has completely startled the professionals of field services. The traditional servicing and maintenance methods are costing a high price to a country's income.

Every year Finland alone loses about € 24 billion due to age-old methodology and practices. The inefficiency of first field services to deliver incorrect results has increased as one out of every four first maintenance cases tends to fail. The dysfunctional management, poor preparation, lack of expert individuals, and inefficient support team cause the time and maintenance cost to rise. As delayed maintenance is creating a massive blow to the finance level, the restoration and debugging companies are in substantial need for next-generation technology. 

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In 2016, ThyssenKrupp, an engineering support provider, announced the use of Microsoft Hololens in their global elevator service operations. With the integration of virtual information providing lenses, the service team can pre-determine and visualize the accidents and problems associated with any specific system. The remote access ability, onsite analysis, real-time fabrication of AR-powered lenses acts as an ideal assistant for technical experts. The remote assistance improves the ability of rookie maintenance workers by providing a detailed blueprint and step-by-step flowchart. The guiding powers not only assist the workers in real-time but also increase the ability of a user to understand the root cause of the problem efficiently. VR operates as a simulation, training, and collaboration tool which, when handled by skilled works, can heighten the overall efficiency of the maintenance process. The VR also acts as a bridge to reduce the gap between a worker and an expert and enhances maintenance scenarios. Simplicity and usability of AR and VR are the key factors that will drive the repair companies to success.

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