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The Internet of Things and its Immense Value to the Construction Industry

By Construction Tech Review | Monday, August 05, 2019

The list of potential applications of IoT in the construction industry can be extensive. Here are a few crucial ones.    

FREMONT, CA: The possibilities that come with being able to connect devices to the internet are numerous. The internet of things is, therefore of a lot of relevance and value to several industries. The construction industry that involves a vast number of processes also has many opportunities to incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) and its benefits. The practical advantages that IoT can offer in the field of construction are fascinating and hard to ignore. Here are some of the impactful ways in which construction firms can apply IoT.

• Managing Supplies

With the help of IoT-driven tagging systems, companies can tag supplies. It helps in keeping track of the availability of various raw materials. Every time the count of supply falls below a particular level, the system can trigger alerts so that supplies can be replenished. This facilitates a significant increase in efficiency in handling materials and reduces costs, wastage, and time-lag.

• Handling Machinery

By connecting devices and machinery with the internet, construction companies can control and drive them remotely. Operating machinery from control stations is beneficial when carrying out construction in hazardous conditions. IoT-backed gadgets can also help assist on-site workers by providing them with necessary information, inputs, and directions during construction.

• Monitoring and Tracking

Every piece of equipment used in construction can be accurately tracked with the help of IoT. By improving tracking capabilities, construction firms can avert losses that come about as a result of mismanagement of equipment. It is also possible to monitor machines in real-time and collects critical information about their conditions. This allows the prevention of breakdown and better maintenance.

• Building Information Modeling

Smart connected sensors can be used to update computer-generated models of projects by collecting and sending information after the completion of construction. When the models are updated regularly, it is possible to keep track of maintenance needs. The sensors can also provide information regarding energy efficiency, which helps in designing appropriate solutions.

The tremendous potential of IoT can lead to a very progressive and technology-driven construction industry.

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