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The Benefits of Jobsite Cameras Driving the Construction Industry

By Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Jobsite cameras are evolving with technologies and are making construction projects safer, compliant, and efficient.  

FREMONT, CA: Jobsites technologies have seen a gradual evolution over the years. At a jobsite, various tools are integral to construction practices, and a jobsite camera is one among them and is indispensable for the construction industry. It continually captures jobsite photographs or video clips, thereby providing great visibility. With evolving technologies, jobsite cameras have also undergone substantial transformations. These days, commercial project sites have network connect cameras backed by software programs.

Previously, jobsite cameras were an extension of the webcam. It entitled contractors and engineers to have remote viewing capabilities at real-time. Tailored to the needs of the construction industry, the jobsite cameras now, overcome the real-time limitations in terms of software applications.

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since the introduction of the first jobsite camera. The cameras of the present day are highly versatile and are better suited for application in the construction industry. Users have also developed awareness regarding how to make the most out of the technology, and this has resulted in effective application. Construction firms have now started deploying cameras successfully at jobsites and have been able to overcome many challenges with their features. Jobsite cameras have improved productivity, safety and sales, and marketing.

As the cameras capture the progress of work at the site of a project in real-time and enable monitoring, better coordination and execution of workflows are possible. Teams can review and compare the work done. Gaps, mistakes, and shortage of labor are easily detected, and hence, contractors can allot resources, workforce and carry out remediation immediately. These jobsite cameras also enable complete visual documentation of the whole project.

The visual documentation assists in bolstering worker safety, regulating compliance, and ensuring the quality of work. Modern-day cameras are also able to capture and relay additional information like weather data. Such data can prove to be beneficial in planning on a daily basis. Additionally, after work hours, they serve as a security tool and prevent theft of equipment or raw material. The future holds wider possibilities for development and application of jobsite cameras.

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