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Telematics and IoT: The Game Changers for Equipment Technology

Construction Tech Review | Monday, September 09, 2019

The amazing combination of telematics and IoT has enhanced the vehicles' potential to communicate with other devices. Let's see how.

FREMONT, CA: We are living in an era where every other day, scientists are coming up with new innovations. It feels so good to imagine driverless cars or other exciting automotive innovations. One of those topics that trigger feverish excitement is the Internet of Things (IoT) and Telematics. 

The IoT not only holds the potential of transforming the way people do business, but also the way the public infrastructure operates as a whole. It has facilitated dramatic improvements in reliability, efficiency, and customer experience, thus taking both public and private sector to a whole new level.

Where the IoT is already doing wonders in every field of technology, the integration of telematics has left everyone in awe. Telematics is a term that embodies all techniques and tools that are built with a blend of telecommunications and information communication technologies (ICT).

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Telematics combines wireless telecommunications and computing devices for tracking and navigating automobiles. The applications of telematics include trailers, tracking of vehicles, and containers, satellite navigation, fleet management, car-sharing, emergency warning systems, and other smart automobile technologies. Now with the IoT, the telematics industry is progressing at a much more faster pace.

Telematics IoT applications have made our lives much more comfortable by making the roads safer, enabling the drivers to have an enjoyable experience, and assisting the organizations in handling their vehicles better. Popular telematics and IoT applications include onboard connectivity services, concierge systems, and insurance plans as per the behavior of the driver.

Let's have a look at the three major fields of Telematics and IoT applications

Fleet Management

The massive impact that is being noticed from IoT innovation in telematics systems is on fleet management. Successful companies like Ares are making use of telematics and IoT for managing and monitoring multiple kinds of utility vehicles.

Telematics systems further ease the transmission of data and information between a central location and individual fleet automobiles. Some applications help monitor the driving behavior of a person by tracking the driving speed, while also ensuring that the drivers are not taking unauthorized breaks. These applications also assist the enterprises to evaluate travel data to smoothen their transportation processes.

Road Safety

A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that connected automobile technologies possess the capability to reduce 80 percent of crashes where the automobilists are not impaired.

According to the US Department Of Transportation (USDOT), the connected automobiles are playing a massive role in the reduction of fatal accidents and injuries on the roads. It has been estimated by USDOT that deployment of two connected vehicle safety applications can save 1083 lives.

Consumer Applications

Telematics is rapidly revolutionizing consumer vehicle technology through various applications. These applications include:

• remote automobile location by using GPS
• remote access to automobile operation information
• automobile diagnostics and maintenance notifications
• notifications regarding vehicle collision to third parties including family members and emergency responders
• turn by turn navigation with the aid of information from the third party 

Doubtlessly, together telematics and IoT have changed the face of the world. They are already performing exponentially, and still, more is to come.

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