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Lorex Technology Introduces the Lorex Home Center

By Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Lorex Technology Introduces the Lorex Home Center

Lorex Technology has announced the launch of a new, revolutionary product, which is known as the Lorex Home Center.

FREMONT, CA: Lorex Technology is one of the most reliable names in home security. The company has announced a new revolutionary product known as the Lorex Home Center. It is a smart all-in-one solution designed for modernizing and simplifying the home monitoring experience.

The objective of the new product is to Touch, Talk, and View. It has a modern design and feels. The Lorex Home Center has an intuitive 7-inch touch screen interface, which will allow users to control every connected wireless camera and accessory from one central device.

Furthermore, the Lorex Home Center supports up to eight Wi-Fi cameras, 32 sensors, and features live view and playback of up to four cameras simultaneously. As you grow, so can your security system. Users can customize and extend their strategy according to their requirements with various types of Lorex indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras and sensors along with the new Lorex video doorbell and floodlight. The users who already have any of the Lorex Wi-Fi products can pair their devices to the Lorex Home center by utilizing the Lorex Home app. It will help them create their custom home monitoring ecosystem. However, there will be more products shortly, which the users can add, like the soon released wire-free cameras.

"We are incredibly excited and proud to launch the Lorex Home Center. This is something we've been developing for a long time and is the flagship to our highly anticipated IoT product line," said Ilan Gershon, Director of Product Strategy & Development. "We've created a solution that works with a multitude of Lorex products, and we intend to continue building out its features and capabilities in the future."

As convenience is one of the primary things so, by utilizing the secure offline Lorex Voice Assistant, users can also easily view, customize, and control cameras with simple voice commands, such as:

Lorex, show every cameras.

Lorex show every motion event from 2 and 3 pm on the backyard camera.

Lorex, turn privacy mode on for all indoor cameras.



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