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Lenders Lean on SpaceQuant AI Tech to Get Real-Time Data on Commercial Real Estate Performance

By Construction Tech Review | Monday, July 20, 2020

Lenders Lean on SpaceQuant AI Tech to Get Real-Time Data on Commercial Real Estate Performance

The commercial real estate industry has been massively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic that is wreaking havoc on the U.S. economy.

FREMONT, CA: Tenants are seeking out for rent reductions or may have even stopped paying rent, while the borrowers are requesting for loan modifications or forbearances. At the same time, lenders andinvestors ask for prompt property and loan performance information from the asset managers, being well aware that the pandemics' worst impact may not be felt for nine to twelve months. Smooth actions and access to accurate, real-time data are paramount to saving the lenders and investors hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Thus, SpaceQuant's AI-powered automation and decision platform for valuing and monitoring commercial real estate performance help achieve just that.

SpaceQuant has developed the world's first automation technology for analyzing the property's financial documents. The company's software processes property financial data in real-time, providing a comprehensive analysis at a level of detail and speed that was previously impossible, helping in fast and confident decision making.  

The leading lenders and servicers utilize the technology, including Pacific Life Insurance, JLL, Hudson Advisors, Waterfall Asset Management, and many others. 

Leading CRE Companies Reap the Benefits from Automation in the Pandemic

"As our commercial mortgage servicing portfolio continues to grow, we needed to find a platform to support that growth, without necessarily increasing our analyst group. We were able to achieve that for our CMBS loans with SpaceQuant," says JLL Director in Asset Management, Fernando Salazar. "The time to spread a property financial statement was reduced while increasing the quality and consistency, and allowing more time for a detailed analysis of the output. We were impressed with the level of automation and accuracy of real-time data transformation from SpaceQuant."

"The SpaceQuant solution offers an excellent level of automation and delivers highly accurate results," states Kim Nguyen of Pacific Life Insurance, which services $23 billion in commercial real estate assets. "SpaceQuant has removed most of the manual work that was taking a lot of time from our team. The solution allows us to focus on more productive, higher-level work, and we get the results much faster."

In the CMBS space, SpaceQuant customers have access to detailed property data three months before the rest of the CMBS market can "this is especially critical in the COVID world of today, as the volume of non-performing assets multiplies in the months ahead. Access to real-time information is essential for lenders, servicers, and asset managers to make timely decisions and mitigate the risk of losses in their portfolios."

The Advantage

Created with the latest AI technologies, SpaceQuant's platform allows businesses to digitally transform their asset management, loan origination, and investment processes to help in data-driven decision making in real-time. 

SpaceQuant allows automated real-time processing and analysis of property financial documents, inclusive of rent rolls and operating statements, regardless of their format. As opposed to the traditional asset management systems that need all the property data to be inputted manually, SpaceQuant's highly automated process helps in ingesting a scanned document. It offers an interactive web-based analysis.

Adding to that, SpaceQuant's robust big-data infrastructure processes millions of data-points and enhances the property data with external location and market metrics to provide holistic property and portfolio insight.

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