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By Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

FREMONT, CA: As per reports, the world’s data volume will rise at approximately  40% per year and will continue to intensify fifty times from the current amount by the year 2020. In the construction industry, big data refers to the mass of information that has been stored. Big data can come from computers, machines, and any other data-generating device or agent. There is fierce competition in the industry and many construction equipment manufacturers are investigating to enhance the features of their equipment to provide a competitive advantage. Read on!

• Design

Big data includes environmental data, stakeholder input, and social media discussions can be used to determine not only what to build, but also to design construction equipment. Real big data can be analyzed to get patterns and probabilities of construction risks to steer new projects towards success and avoid pitfalls.

• Build

Data on weather, traffic, and business activity can be analyzed to determine the optimal phasing of construction activities. Sensor input from devices used on sites to show can be processed to conclude the best mix of buying or leasing such equipment, and how to use fuel most efficiently to lower costs and environmental impact. Geolocation of computer also enables logistics to be enhanced, spare parts made available when needed, and downtime to be reduced.

• Operate

Data insights from sensors built into buildings and other constructions make it possible to monitor each one at many levels of performance. Energy conservation in buildings can be tracked to ensure it conforms to design objectives.

The changes made by big data have functioned as a catalyst for change in construction. Hence, the idea of harnessing big data equals gaining more insights and making better decisions in construction management.

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