Understanding the Rapidly Evolving Horizon of Intelligent Buildings

Mitchell Britto, Director, Smart Building Services, TDIndustries

Understanding the Rapidly Evolving Horizon of Intelligent Buildings

Pioneering a Cloud-Ready Construction Ecosystem

Tooey Courtemanche, CEO, Procore Technologies

Pioneering a Cloud-Ready Construction Ecosystem

Aldridge Builds: Lake Shore Drive Bridge


Aldridge Builds: Lake Shore Drive Bridge

Interesting Construction Technology Trends to Watch

Michael Rosario, Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Today, technology is transforming every aspect of modern life. The construction sector also is continually being updated with the advanced technology. Historically the industry has been a slow adopter of technology. But today technology in construction comes with devising innovative ways changing the future of construction. The trends that are paving way for futuristic construction are

1. 3D printed house: They could be a great solution for covering the housing needs of victims of natural disasters like tsunami, earthquakes and so on. It involves creating parts off-site and constructing the building on another occasion.

2. Connected devices: Acquiring, using and sharing data in real time gives builders the benefit of enabling their machine to speak. Builders can remotely monitor progress, communicate with the operator, diagnose and repair problems, track machine location, and provide support through connected devices. Data collected through the devices can assure quality results and help with bidding on similar future projects.

3. Smart roads: They are the future of transport and involve using sensors and internet of things technology to make driving safer and greener with charging electric vehicles and streetlights on move. The smart road is able to heal themselves as cracks form since the concrete mix are embedded with tiny capsules of sodium silicate. When a crack forms the capsule will rupture and release a healing agent that will fill the void.

4. Smart bricks: They are modular connecting bricks made out of high strength concrete. They come with substantial thermal energy control and reduction in construction expenses. The modular design paves the path to ease of connecting and provides space for insulation, electricity, and plumbing.

5. Green construction: Forest buildings are designed to tackle air pollution. Shrubs and trees are planted to absorb pollutants and filtering the air to make it cleaner. This is cited as a cost-effective construction innovation.

6. Self-healing concrete: High amount of money is spent on maintaining, fixing and restoring roads, buildings, bridges annually. This happens because of concrete cracks. Self-healing concrete can enhance the life span of constructions which in effect saves expense and time. A bacteria is mixed during the mixing process which activates when water enters the crack and excretes calcite which heals the crack.

The adoption of technologies helps builders stay from buyers agitation on delay in construction. Exhausting these opportunities will give long lasting results.

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