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Industrial Safety : How tech start ups are redefining the conventions

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, April 23, 2019

With the advent of various tech-driven security tools, engineers are now exploring the deeper insights of IT and hardware security. Driving an all-new era of industrial safety, advanced security technologies are making strides in equipping the enterprises with modern cyber-guards. Embracing such trending technological evolution numerous startups are emerging to develop unique and reliable security solutions, tailored for the manufacturing and distributing industries to overcome dangerous threats and internet data attacks. The upcoming tech startups are leveraging several innovative ways to end the adversities caused by security hazards. The following are a few.

• Labor fatigue detection mechanisms

Occupational fatigue is one of the common problems, which the employees face and it is persistent among the workers involved in tedious and challenging tasks. Tech startups have developed smart wearable IoT-based devices, which are capable of sensing an individual’s energy levels by monitoring the pulse rate and oxygen content in the blood.  They instantly alert the worker to take a break if required. In this way, along with cognitive fatigue and employee health, quality complexities can also be prevented. 

• Onsite and remote monitoring systems

By leveraging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine Learning (ML), the startup companies are coming up with numerous smart monitoring systems, which help the industries anticipate, detect and prevent industrial accidents. Supporting onsite and remote features, these intelligent monitors automatically record the on-field data to promote critically safe and accurate business operations 

• A smart industrial risk mitigation system

Catering to critical needs for handling instantaneously incurred risks tech startups are designing creative risk mitigation techniques. Integrating real-time detection algorithms with the advanced imaging technology hardware ecosystems of CV-based video surveillance cameras are well-designed to offer on-field visibility.

Improving the standards of industrial safety global software startups bring us, innovative security solutions. Driving the manufacturers and the distributors towards industrial security the emerging startups envision providing more intelligent and better security software solutions. 

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