Creating a Tangible Impact through Collaboration

Matt Schlabig, CIO, Worthington Industries

Creating a Tangible Impact through Collaboration

Identify and Realize Value Through Applied Technology

Joseph Santamaria, VP–IT & CIO, PSEG Services Corporation

Identify and Realize Value Through Applied Technology

How will the Construction Companies Benefit from Drone

Construction Tech Review | Friday, November 15, 2019

As drone technology has become easily available and easier to use, it is time that construction companies start investing in it. The contractors will not only increase their productivity, but can also save time and improve safety simultaneously.

FREMONT, CA: For general large or small contractors, adopting a drone program can be daunting. Still, with the advancement of technology in every sector and due to the immense competition in the market, it is the best time to start investing in it. With the help of drones, it has become easier to collect an immense amount of data that the construction workers can use to get an idea of actually what is happening in their site. The construction companies also get prior ideas about plans that are worthwhile to work with and whether the employees are sticking with the arrangements. 

Scaling the value ladder

The drone can be valuable for construction companies as they can establish a common operating picture with the help of map updates. The organizations can document every change that is occurring on the site throughout the project. The constant supervision helps to look into every loophole in the project, and the continuous feedback helps the employees to do their job efficiently. 

If the companies upgrade themselves and progress from just photo and video collection to 2D and 3D modeling by using the drone data, then it will become easy for them to measure the amount of work that has been done and also the financial factors into that. 

Improved visibility, 4D planning

There are many safety benefits of drones, and one of them is to inspect buildings or a crane high off the ground. For example, a human worker does not have to get to the height to check a building, and there can be many security issues that may not be visible to a human eye, but a drone can explore every inch of it. 

Due to the already documented data, the contractors can eliminate pricey X-rays if any rework is necessary on the construction. The 4D construction models can be used to plan crane picks as the project managers will understand the radius of the swing related to other objects on site. The managers can also mitigate any risk while the crane starts lifting. 

The construction companies that want to save time, get better visibility, and improve their safety must start investing in drone technology and capture its benefits. 

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