Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Ease Healthcare Construction Symptoms

Lisa Feeley, CSSMBB, Vice President, Transwestern

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Ease Healthcare Construction Symptoms

Transformation in the Construction Industry

Daniel Stone, Visualization Designer, Barton Malow Company

Transformation in the Construction Industry

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Ajay Kamble, CIO, Turtle & Hughes, Inc.

Automating Smart Buildings in a Smarter Way

How to Refine Project Delivery in the Construction Business Management Process?

Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, March 20, 2019

In the construction sector, successful completion of a job can only be accomplished through effective project management. Delivering quality services to the client on time while also considering the profit margins for the respective organization and subcontractors is not a smooth service. The process involves careful planning, detailed monitoring of the progress, and communication and collaboration among all the major stakeholders and team members. Pay attention to these five construction business management tips for improving project delivery.

1. Revamp the Planning Process: Planning is the initial step in the entire process of a project. Also, the majority of errors on a project usually occur in this phase; and hence it is recommended to do the homework before the building process begins. Planning phase includes- setting a budget, prioritizing tasks, setting project deadlines, and communicating expectations to the team. By having a plan in place, one can work accordingly and create a road map for the rest of the team to follow and also provide a benchmark for the team.

2. Introduce the unit with New Technology: Adopting the right technology as per the needs of a particular phase will help organizations to improve their project deliverability. For instance, project managers must invest in integrated systems. The integrated technologies like modeling and a construction management tool can help in keeping the team on track.  With real-time updates, work can be done more efficiently and on time.

3. Enhance Communication: Communication is the key for any industry to prosper. Lack of dialogue can have adverse consequences

 between the field and back office. Hence, communication is essential at every stage of the project. One must set their expectations, timelines, and protocols when problems arise prior to setting on the job site; and therefore it is a must for a project manager and his employees to be correctly aligned on the objectives.

4. Invest in Employees: Getting the right talent on the job is the key to completing a task on time and under budget. By assisting the employees and helping them to master critical skills, one will witness an uptick in the efficiency of their project. Providing regular training sessions on workplace safety and proper techniques can help one to prevent workplace injuries.

5. Plan for the Unwanted: Construction sites are unpredictable places and as there are shifts in the weather, delays in material deliveries, or general human error, it is advisable to be proactive rather than reactive; hence, one must plan everything accordingly. By preparing for the worst, one is taking the stress off their shoulder which will be beneficial in the long run.

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