Contact Tracing Technology Keeps Job Sites Moving During Pandemic

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Contact Tracing Technology Keeps Job Sites Moving During Pandemic

Protecting Ip Amidst The Pandemic

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Protecting Ip Amidst The Pandemic

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Digital Construction & Machines -Much More Than Technology

How Green Building Solutions Can Help Companies Fight Against Climate Change

Michael Rosario, Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, January 05, 2021

The popularity of green building solutions has increased in the construction industry as people searching for procedures to fight climate change.

FREMONT, CA: The evolution of sustainable building technologies is also increasing the hype around it. Today, there are numerous products and services available in the market as green. Such products are also advertised with their exceptional properties like low carbon footprint, air or water purification, and energy efficiency. But are these products or services, whether sustainable. 

Industry experts are researching urban solutions like green walls, air purifying, alternative construction materials, and smart or solar windows to understanding the extent of their effectiveness. 

1. Bamboo as an alternative construction material

Many construction engineers are suggesting the use of bamboo as an alternative construction material. It will be a low-cost modular housing design but made with bamboo.

Bamboo can be a sustainable material, but it also has its challenges. It can be used in an office setting where they have proper maintenance and cleaning, but in areas with high traffic, bamboo construction can create a problem.  

Top 10 Intelligent Building Solution Providers - 2020However, a lot of research is being conducted related to the usability of bamboo in construction. They have also successfully experimented with implementing bamboo struts in outdoor infrastructure held together with 3D printed joints. However, bamboo can be used in construction industries with the help of various innovative technologies. 

2. Green walls

The popularity of green walls or vertical landscaping is increasing worldwide as their designs are sophisticated and attract tourists. 

Many countries have already implemented green walls in their development. Furthermore, these green walls are not only attractive, but it can also benefit physically and mentally. To maintain sustainability, the healthy building will be the next step in the construction industry. Earlier, maintaining such buildings was expensive and challenging, but with the advent of the technologies, it became more efficient and accessible. 

3. Smart windows and solar windows

There is an ongoing hype around the enhanced glass windows with electrochromic properties and allows the windows to produce solar energy. 

However, there is very little data available related to the performance of these windows. There is fewer data available on the technology because it is not widespread like other methods.

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