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It's Not (Just) the Technology

How Do Construction Enterprises leverage the Benefits of Drones?

By Construction Tech Review | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Drones will provide true value to the construction industry, including a sharp increase in worksite safety, productivity, and an increase in the efficiency of workflow.

Fremont, CA: The capabilities of drones are huge in different industries, and construction is not an exception. With innovations and modifications to the traditional methods influenced by the advent of drones, the construction industry is facing rapid change. Drone applications have already begun to impact the construction industry through various means. Starting from the process of land selection to transportation and inspection, drones have influenced all the processes. This will provide tangible ROI and benefits for the business and the construction project. Here are the areas where construction companies will leverage the benefits of drones.

Land Survey

Drones can do accurate surveys than traditional surveillance methods in less time within which it can capture the necessary information. It can safely survey dangerous locations while reducing workplace accidents encountered when humans execute these activities. It can also eliminate the human error involved in the process.

Data insights

Drones can provide superior endurance and intelligence on job sites with their rapid ability to collect and report data at a minimum cost. It is believed that drones will take on more integral tasks of complex projects.

Communication and management

Drone technology has made instant connectivity and communication possible on the job site. Especially, those that feature mounted cameras will provide video footage to facilitate communication as well as surveillance. This will enable greater engagement with employees. A small delay in gathering data can have severe impacts, and thus drones provide real-time data leading to an increase in efficiency of communication and management. It also helps to manage workflow 24/7, having a significant impact on all manner of the construction process.


By all means, drones improve security, whether it may be the safety of employees or the job site prone to theft or vandalism. It increases job site safety. This is the primary reason why drones are seeing more significant implementation in the construction industry.


Using drones for transportation allows companies to save time and money. Because drones need not adhere to traffic laws like traditional vehicles, they can make deliveries in a fraction of the time.

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