Enterprise AI: How to Meet the Challenges

Dr. Anand S. Rao, Global AI Leader, PwC

Enterprise AI: How to Meet the Challenges

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Richard Mendoza, Director, Data Privacy & Regulatory Compliance, Realogy Holdings Corp

California Consumer Privacy Act: This is a Brave New World

It All Starts With Having An Innovative Culture

Craig Chappell, Virtual Design and Construction Technology Specialist, TDIndustries

It All Starts With Having An Innovative Culture

How Digitalization is Redefining Construction Industry

Construction Tech Review | Friday, September 13, 2019

As construction projects are large and include many stakeholders, digitalization is helping reduce confusion on-site and increase efficiency among workers.  

FREMONT, CA: In today's times, digitalization has become the vehicle of change. Technology has become the necessity of every industrial sector, and it holds the same for the construction business. The digital machinery that construction sectors are integrating into their workflow includes Machine Learning (ML), robotics, BIM, and 3D printing. Here are some of the digital transformations that the industry has observed.

High Productivity at Low Cost

It can be said that profitability and productivity are interconnected because if the productivity decreases, it will lead to a loss in the overall profits. For the construction industry, it is essential to achieve improved productivity for better profitability. One of the best ways the construction sector can increase profits is through the incorporation of digitalized technologies in their workflow.

Technology has the potential of offering a fast track procedure to bring transformation in the funding, selection, and delivery of projects. It also helps improve speed and efficiency. For example, when a construction firm used 3D printing, it became easier to notice the problematic areas and avoid delays.

Improved Collaboration for more Efficient Construction

It is a difficult task to explain ideas to numerous collaborators as it results in long threads, which makes it challenging to keep track of them. Digitalized technologies can connect all the stakeholders of a project in a platform from where they can witness the progress at every stage, making sure it gets completed within the deadline.

For example, the cloud can connect every stakeholder, despite their geographic location and centralize the communication. Proper connectivity brings out the diversity and specific skill sets that help in constructing better quality buildings and infrastructure for the clients.

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