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How Construction Cameras Can Enhance Safety and Compliance

Michael Rosario, Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, January 06, 2021

The construction companies can use cameras to track the employees on-site and stop potential injuries.

FREMONT, CA: For federal OSHA alone, with its subparts and sub-subparts, there are 29 regulations for construction standards. It is a lot to keep track of, but for the safety of construction jobs and employees, every line is there. The results of noncompliance are expensive. Fatal incidents occur for 58.6 percent of all construction-related deaths in 2018, according to OSHA, totaling up to nearly 600 lives lost.

Construction sites must use every tool at their disposal to prevent potential site injuries and protect businesses and workers in the event of an incident in order to ensure that fatal accidents never occur and to escape the hefty noncompliance fines from OSHA. Installing cameras is the first and easiest step that a worksite can take.

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Prevention through Accountability

Cameras may offer a range of resources and expertise to increase workplace awareness. The days of grainy video clips and blind spots are gone. Cameras will now offer 24/7 high definition and 360-degree panoramic views of a whole building site. Offsite administrators, vendors, consumers, and stakeholders may access this documentation in real-time, eliminating the need to travel to the job site to supervise or review the work being performed. Multiple eyes are on the scene getting updates, viewing and updating, and providing preventive supervision to the job site to detect or completely stop errors in their infancy.

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The staff on-site are kept responsible to more than just the individuals physically there at any given time with camera-provided continuous documentation. While no one likes the experience of having a Big Brother watching over their shoulder, the truth remains that monitoring will lead to improved employee performance and accountability of employees on-sites. Non-invasive tracking by cameras holds an on-site staff in line with higher levels of excellence.

Protection through Transparency

On the job site, the cameras will offer complete accountability and unquestionable evidence. Project managers should provide the authorities with visual documents that can check them with timestamps to spot the event in question and obtain surrounding information that could have played a part. In the case of an incident, cameras can be programmed to alert stakeholders because OSHA paperwork can be registered on time.

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