Adding Dimensions to MMC

Ciaran Arthur, Strategic Development, and Leo Doherty, Project Director, Suir Engineering

Adding Dimensions to MMC

From Open BIM to Digital Twin

Christophe Castaing, Director Digital Engineering, Egis

From Open BIM to Digital Twin

Digital Construction & Machines - Much More Than Technology

Niklas Nillroth, Vice President Environment & Sustainability, Volvo Construction Equipment

Digital Construction & Machines - Much More Than Technology

Construction Industry and the New World

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Construction Industry and the New World

How BIM Changes Construction Site Safety

Construction Tech Review | Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Technology like building information modeling has become an essential investment for construction firms to keep workers as safe as possible.

FREMONT, CA: For construction firms to keep workers as safe as possible, technology like building information modeling (BIM) has become a critical investment over the last few years. As new technology makes building information analysis seamless and more powerful, BIM is likely to become even more important to construction site safety. By assisting the project managers in making improved decisions at any stage of the construction, BIM empowers construction sites' health and safety. Read on to know more.

• Mitigating Risks of Accidents

Tapping into all needed data, and documents, regulations, or building manuals, BIM finds the critical health and safety dangers on construction sites. Leveraging techniques like visualization, simulation, virtual prototyping, and validation, BIM enables architects to preview a series of potential scenarios before the process of building even starts. BIM helps the site managers to mitigate the on-site risks.

Top 10 BIM Companies in Europe - 2020• Better Mental Health

The single most essential function that makes BIM an excellent design tool is how it emancipates partnership and communication between teams. Construction sites are often high-stress environments, generating a significant mental health bill for both workers and executives. On the other hand, plenty of research suggests that excellent communication is vital to reduce stress in work environments.

• Efficient Accident Investigation

BIM helps architects plan for emergencies and identify the most efficient evacuation routes for maximum preparedness. Despite all the technological innovations in construction, no single digital or analog tool can guarantee an accident-free work environment — and BIM is no exception. Nevertheless, it assists: According to one study, 37 percent of contractors reported more than a 5 percent reduction in reportable incidents thanks to BIM.

• On-site Adjustments 

BIM features help construction workers in the field adapt to conditions that make working with original plans complex or impossible. BIM enables workers to adjust elevations as required rapidly. These workers can create new elevations or 3D representations when site conditions don’t line up with the plan’s initial elevations. If workers keep elevations and building models or diagrams updated during the construction process, owners will have the most accurate models possible.

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